Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hello! I just quickly wanted to post this outfit before I'm off to work today :-). 
Here we have my vintage skirt again! I'm so glad I bought it because I'm absolutely obsessed with it. I know this outfit is only slightly different than the last one I posted with this skirt but I just couldn't resist not posting it.., ya know?
Like I said, today I'll be off to work, and tonight I've planned to workout with my friend veerle. So there's nothing too exciting happening today, but it's ok! 

On an other note, I'm planning to go to Lianne la havas' concert with my friend and I'm so excited! The ticket sale is this saturday so I hope we'll be able to get the tickets because I quite recently discovered her music and I absolutely looooove it! It's so chill and relaxing to listen to.

Oh and also, yesterday I did some baking and the final result was absolutely delicious! I'll hopefully share it with you soon.  ( first need to bake it again and take photo's ;-)). It was some sort of snack with puff pastry and as far as I know it doesn't really have a name yet since I just thought of the recipe at the top of my head. But who knows, maybe it does exist already - which doesn't make it less exciting because who doesn't love good food?!

But I guess that's it for today, because as you might have noticed already, I'm just rambling and telling things that don't make much sense all together. (lol)

Write you soon,
Demi xxx.
What Am I Wearing?
monki shirt
vintage skirt
converse shoes
mango necklace
finnz bag


  1. Leuke outfit Demi! En leuke foto's ook, je tas vind ik leuk :)

  2. Nice:)) xx

  3. Oh ik ben helemaal weg van je rokje <3

  4. Oh, wat een ontzettend leuke foto's van jou. Je straalt helemaal!

  5. Superleuke outfit! Ik vind dit soort rokjes zo leuk! :D

    ♥♥♥ Saskia

  6. lovely shoots!!!

  7. Wat een toffe outfit draag je! Ik vind je rokje echt geweldig en heel leuk gecombineerd ook met je t-shirt :-) xo


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