Wednesday, 5 August 2015

.... Had a blast. Ok, this might sound obvious to everyone. But there's a little story behind it so let me start with explaining it. 
So you might know that I love going to concerts/festivals to see people perform that I'm a huge fan of. It's obviously one of the best ways to spend the night and to make great memories with friends. 
But what you might now know is that I'm not that good at small talk/ making friends, especially not when I don't feel like a 100% comfortable. 
So now, what has that to do with this festival? Well when I bought the tickets quite some months ago I kind of took a leap of faith since this festival wasn't exactly my scene. (it's an urban festival in the Hague, called 'vestival'). People like tyga/ omarion/ french montana/ chris brown where there to peform and obviously I've heard from them before. But I didn't really listen to that kind of music ( except for some Chris brown every now and then) So it's not like I disliked any of them but it was just the fact that I was so scared to feel uncomfortable and not 'in my place', simply because it was just kind of out of my comfort zone.

And because it was out of my comfort zone I really doubted whether it was the right thing to go, since I didn't want to kill the mood for my friends by being not as hyper as them. And I just didn't want to get in their way while they (maybe??) tried making new friends and I would just awkwardly stand there. So that meant that I almost let that feeling get the best of me, especially if I didn't go.

But guess what, I went. Because I had the ticket already and a part of me was just thought "so, what?!" Maybe it will turn out great" And in the end it did! Honestly I never thought I'd have such an amazing time. I loved to see everyone peform and I'm not lying when I say that I've even been obsessivly listening to their albums afterwards. Ok I may not have met many new people, because small talk is not my best point. But Hey, I've had an incredible time with the group I went with and I wouldn't change it for a bit.

So the point of this whole story actually is: Sometimes you just shouldn't let a feeling get the best of you. Just step out of your comfort zone, 9 out of 10 times it will turn out way better than you thought it would and you will make memories for a lifetime. And it's ok if sometimes things do dissapoint, because stuff like that happens. But don't let 1 dissapointment make you miss the other great things in life.

Much Love,

p.s. below is some more footage of the festival. All photographed/filmed with my iphone 5s.
p.p.s. To anyone who's curious; I had golden circle tickets. And I have a slight pcd. 

Een video die is geplaatst door Demi (@demivdl) op


  1. Wat fijn dat het leuker was dan dat je dacht! Het ziet er ook wel erg tof uit op de foto's! Liefs

  2. Leuk dat je er was! Ik was er lang gereden en t klonk heel leuk!


  3. Ah wat gaaaaf! Fijn dat je het zo leuk hebt gehad :)


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