Sunday, 9 August 2015

Not so long ago someone from invaluable.com, an online auction marketplace for jewelry asked me a jewelry question: "What is your most prized jewelry?". And since I actually found this quite an interesting question I decided to write a blogpost on it and share the story behind my most prized jewelry.
So, my most prized jewelry are these two anklets which are now used as bracelets.
When I was young my grandparents always used to bring me and my brother a souvenir whenever they went on a holiday. And one day, when I was around 6 years old they came back with these sterling silver anklets in these slightly kitch-y gold packages from Italy. And oh my, you should've seen my face when I got them. I thought they were the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I'd ever seen in my life. And ever since, I treasure these pieces for my dear life. 

The packages are, like I said, a bit kitch but they're beautiful decorated and detailed. They have a nice pocket size and just look like an utter gem on any spot in your room. I also definitely think they have a more vintage look and somehow they also look romantic in some way like they are just supposed to tell a story.
The anklets/bracelets itself are minimalistic and simple. They're too small to be worn as anklets for me now, so that's why I use them as bracelets and I used to only wear them on special occasions. But now, I feel like I should just make it a day-to-day thing to wear them.

So, that's the (small) story behind my most prized jewelry. Since I got them when I was young, and from my grandparents they hold and emotional place in my life. And I definitely feel like this is the kind of jewelry you'd pass down to another family member (like your daughter) when you're older. 

But for now, I'm handing this question over to you. What is your most prized jewelry?

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