Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hey! So let's start off with the point that I literally don't have any excuse for the fact that I've been MIA for almost 2 weeks other than there was a big lack of inspiration. Nonethless I'm back, and with a delicious salad recipe!
Not so long ago I went to Amsterdam with my friend Jitte and we had lunch at 'I love SLA' At SLA you're able to pick between multiple salads or make your own! The last option was just what I did. And it turned out so so so delicious that i've recreated it myself a couple times at home already. Too bad it's not as photogenetic as it was at SLA ( see the photo above) when I make it, but hey, the taste is more important right?!

So, what you'll need ( for 1 serving):
1.5 hand of spinach
1. sweet potato
around 8 cherry tomatoes
1 cup of quinoa
broccoli ( add as much as you like!)
multiple kinds of seeds
4 mini spicy meatballs.

How to make it:
1. start of by peeling your sweet potato, and cook it in boiling water for around 20min. 2. After you've put the potato('s) in pan, start by slowly cooking your quinoa and start seasoning your meatballs however you like. ( I'd suggest using freshly made meatballs without any additions (except for the seasoning which you'll be doing yourself) and cooking it in coconut oil since it's way healthier) 3. Now it's time to put your spinach in a big bowl and start cutting your cherry tomatoes in half. 4. Don't forget to turn around your meatballs from time to time and to stir the quinoa! 5. When the sweet potato is done you can put it in the oven for 15-20min, but this is optional. Otherwise you can just cut it straight into cubes and put it in the bowl. 6. when the quinoa is done you can put it in the same bowl as the spinach and tomatoes. 7. Refill the pan you cooked the quinoa in with water and start cooking your broccoli untill it's finished. 8. Now just wait untill the meatballs are well-done and the broccoli to be ready and you can put it all in the bowl. 9. top it off with some seeds and enjoy!

Honestly, it looks like a whole lot of work, but in reality it's not that bad! And the reason I love this salad so much is because it's so fulfilling so it'll keep me going through the day. :-)

Let me know if you'd recreate it!

And hopefully, I'll write you again soon. (And not go MIA for almost two weeks like last time. sorry!!)

Much love,

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  1. never missing in action wink wink


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