Saturday, 4 July 2015

Hey Hey! Since we're already a couple days in July it's definitely time for a recap of June's goals.
1. Go to the Beach. Not yet. But I've already planned to go atleast one day within the upcoming 2 weeks to I guess I've completed this half right?!

2. Get a Tan. Yes! With the heatweave here in the Netherlands it was impossible to not get any sun. Honestly it's a little too hot for me, but hey, it got me a slight tan so I'm not complaining too much :-) 

3. Spend more time outside. Yes. Even though it was also nice to spend some time inside with the heatweave, I've definitely spend more time outside through out the whole month. Even if it was just sitting at the side of the pond in our garden, dangling my feet in the water.

photo taken from my instagram @demivdl.

4. stress less. Yes. Since school is completely over now since I graduated and got my diploma this week I've hardly had anything to worry about. Not gonna lie that it feels incredibly strange, somewhat scary, but also very exciting that school is over and that I have a gap year. 

5. save more money. Yes! I've started saving quite a big part of my salary everymonth so hoooray for what probably is the first good financial decision in my life!!! (lol eheh)

So, those were the goals from last month, and suprisingly I got a score of 4.5/5! The best one I've had yet! I'll probably update you soon on my July goals, but first I need to grab some sleeps now.

much love,


  1. Fijn dat bijna al je doelen zijn behaald! Geniet van je vrije tijd <3

  2. wauw die tweede instagram foto is echt gorgeous. <3 en knap dat je bent gaan sparen hoor! ;o en stress less.. gelukkig heb jij het niet meer. XD het is makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan, haha!


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