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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hi! I'm back with a new outfit! I wanted to show you this new shirt I got, and even though I'm normally not a really big fan of graphic shirts, I do adore this one because somehow I thought the text looked really cute - and besides, I loooove the colour of it!
This is also the shirt I wore on the day I got the results of my exams, so I thought it was very, very appropriate! ;-) And along of the colour and text it has, I also love the look of it since it looks very laid back, but paired with these shorts (skort) it makes a super cute outfit! The shoes I'm wearing are another item I got from Miss Etam and I love the pattern/texture they have and they're so structured so my feet are very, very happy with them :-)

The overwhelming feeling of the fact that I graduated begins to settle down slightly and I have to say - I feel like I've never felt so content and happy with my life for a long time as I do now. Everything seems to fall into place and the worrying and stressing takes way less time of my week than it used to. This doesn't mean that I'm ready for all the adult things that might come my way because of the fact that I finished school and that I'm taking a gap year, but I'm just taking it how it comes and we will see how it turns out. 

Today I'll have another sort of chill day since this is the first weekend I'm off of work/ have nothing necessairy to do. So I'll start with a workout and afterwards I'll go to my friends house to hang out and watch movies from when we were little!

Oh and before I forget, yesterday I got a graduation present from my dad & his girlfriend and I got a blender, heeeeeelll yeah! This probably sounds so lame to most of you but if you follow me for a long time you know how much I love my smoothies and how devastaded I was when the one I used to have at my dad's house broke. ( Oh and before there will be any confusion: my parent's are divorced and I did have a blender at my mom's house, but I didn't have a new one yet at my dad's place!)

Hope you all have a nice sunday!
Demi xxx.

What am I wearing?
Polette* sunglasses
Mango shirt & bracelet
Zara skort
Miss Etam* shoes
My Friends' bag
Urban Outfitters handchain
Beautiful Bijoux* golden nail ring & opal ring
Casio watch.
Feel Good Market ring 


  1. Mooie foto's! vind de sieraden die je draagt heel tof :) Zo'n shortje lijkt me heel fijn zitten!

  2. Nog gefeliciteerd he Demi!! Prachtige outfit en foto's!

  3. Ik vind je shirtje echt heel erg leuk, positieve vibes! Staat ook mooi bij je donkere haar :) En gefeliciteerd met je diploma, dat lijkt me ook absoluut het meest bevrijdende moment oooit!

  4. Super leuke outfit, en ook erg mooie foto's! x

  5. De boodschap op je t-shirt is leuk! En je haar zit zo mooi!

  6. Gefeliciteerd met je diploma!! Je shirtje is echt super leuk <3


  7. wat een super gave outfit en gosh ik ben helemaal verliefd op je shirt en schoenen!! Gauw de blogloving button aangeklikt, iehh


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