I said yes to the (prom)dress!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hi! Last Thuesday was my prom night, and since I haven't shown you my dress yet, I figured now was the perfect time! Honestly I'd been searching and searching for the perfect dress for ages but everything I found wasn't just quite right. But I found this one like 3 weeks before my prom and it is absolutely gorgeous.
The fitting is perfect, the color is different - and amazing, and it's not too much or too skin showing. And the best thing, it was on sale for €26!!!! ( Yes, I couldn't believe it either!!!)

Below I'll also show you some snapshots from my prom which were made by mine (or someone else's) phone - so excuse the quality. I actually haven't seen all the photo's yet which were made, so I'm looking forward to see those. Not sure whether I'll share them all on the blog since I want to respect the privacy of my friends.

Going on to the prom itself, I've had such a great time with my friends! I didn't really know what to expect since I'm not much of a real party animal and such, but it was great. Also, it was just nice to kind of have the prom as a seal of highschool, and to reflect on those 5 years with my friends. Because not gonna lie, even though I disliked highschool for most of the time, I did have a great time with my friends who made it worthwhile - excuse for being so sappy, doesn't happen that often ;-)

Anyway, I'll write you soon and I hope you have a great day!

Demi xxx.

p.s. incase you were wondering, the dress is from asos!


  1. Wauw die jurk is echt prachtig. Hele leuke foto's van je gala! Je zag er heel erg mooi uit :)

  2. volgens mij staat die jurk je echt prachtig. Ik ben heeeel erg benieuwd naar meer foto's! Ik heb gister toevallig de perfecte jurk voor mijn slagen gevonden :)


    1. Misschien dat ik nog wel wat meer foto's zal plaatsen als ik ze zelf binnen heb gekregen, haha. Oooh ik ben benieuwd hoe die eruit ziet!

  3. That dress is so so pretty!


  4. wat stond hij je prachtig, toffe jurk!


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