Monday, 22 June 2015

Hi! I'm ready to show you some random current favorites of mine! Since I always love seeing posts like these on other people's blogs because I always like to discover new things that I might want to see/try out/get myself!

So let's start of with the music!
I'm in love with James Bay' album 'Chaos and the Calm', and thank god I got tickets to his concert this October, it's gonna be a blast! Furthermore I'm also loving the following Disclosure songs: F for you (ft. Mary J Blige) - Help me lose my mind - Latch - White Noise. I honestly think that Disclosure makes such a refreshing and different songs, so it's nice to listen to that every once in a while.

Next up is a beauty product; the l'oreal paris volume million lashes mascara in extra black (woah, that was a mouth full). I do wear mascara everyday, but I like to keep it minimal. One of the most important things about a mascara to me is that it gives seperation, while giving the lashes slightly more volume and length. Luckily this mascara does exactly that. And I've used loads of different mascara's in my teenage years, going from budget to high end ones but in the end I will always fall back on this one. :-) 
 On to numbero 3; minimal (silver) jewelry. I don't always have much time in the morning to search through all my jewelry to find the perfect combo with my outfit. So that's why I'm loving minimal jewelry at the moment since it's just easy to throw on, goes with everything and it looks like you've giving your outfit much more thought than you actually did!
( the bracelet in the photo is from beautiful-bijoux*, and the watch is from the v&d) 
 Another favorite of mine is something that I think everybody owns some sort of; a scented candle
This scented candle is from the dutch store Hema. It has a minimalistic design, which I absolutely love, it's budget and the smell, oh my, it's just heavenly!! The candle has a fresh scent that will stay in your room without it being too overwhelming. Also, the candle will last 45hours, which is great if you ask me, and luckily the candle will give away some of it's smell, everytime you lit it. So thank god that the smell won't be gone after the first time you burned it as it is with most budget scented candles! And I'm defnitely gonna stock up on this one because I'm not too sure yet whether it's a limited edition or not.
 Next up is a book that actually took me a while to really get into. It's called 'Once in a lifetime' and it's written by Cathy Kelly. Since I don't want to give away any spoilers I'll quote the part which is written on the back of the book, so you'll atleast have some sort of idea on what the book is about. 

“ Ingrid Fitzgerald is flying high. A succesful TV presenter, she’s happily married with two wonderful children. But as they leave the nest, she’s about to discover a secret that will shatter her world.
Natalie Flynn is falling in love – but the secrecy surrounding her mother’s past still troubles her. And Charlie Fallon loves her family and job at Kenny’s department store, but could now be the time to fight for her own happiness?
The woman with the power to help them is free spirit Star Bluestone. Experience tells her that the important things in life must be treasured and the chance for real joy comes only once in a lifetime…”

Like I said, it did take my a while to get really into the book since the story just wasn't that appealing to me in the first place, and it was slightly confusing. But the further I read, the more I understood of the story and the better it got! And a fun detail: every chapter has a quote at first, which is kind of the moral of that chapter. 

 And last but not least; my current favorite snack! Recently I've been eating this snack just day after day since it's so refreshing. I just cut up 2 or 3 oranges, and put some pumpkin, flax seeds, goji berries and dried rasp - and redberries on top! Yum!

So that's it! I'd love to know some of your current favorites since I might check them out myself as well! Demi xx.


  1. Ah wat een leuk artikel, leuke foto's! Super gaaf dat je naar James Bay gaat, ik wil er ook graag naartoe :)

  2. Goede mascara is dat inderdaad!! :) x Frederique

  3. Goede mascara is dat inderdaad!! :) x Frederique

  4. Leuke favorieten en de sieraden zijn prachtig!


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