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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Hi! Today I wanted to show you some new favorites of mine, and what a better way to do that then in an outfit post?!
So let's start off with the outfit as a whole, I love the way the grey skort and blue shirt look together. The colour scheme looks very 'smart' - while my converse (not shown in the photo's) and necklace kind of tone it down and make it more casual. - moving on to the actual necklace, I love love love how it looks with the coins and the boho/festival vibes it gives off. Perfect for summer and to make basic outfits more interesting!

Going onto another favorite; this shirt. In some photo's it may look kind of 'off white' but it actually is pastel blue. A colour that suits me well due my hair and eye colour I (would like to ;-) )think! The material is also a very soft cotton which makes it very comfortable and light weight for the spring/summer, score! Also, this shirt is from the Miss Etam, a store I'd normally not go and look for new clothes that fast (not gonna lie) because I always kind of had the idea that it was more for older women but I was positively suprised when I took a look on their website!! Because they actually have clothers for women of a lot of ages! And, they have a sale going on now; so if you're in need of some new stuff, don't forget to check it out! ( you can do so by clicking here)

The clutch I'm using is actually the one I bought for my prom, but I also love using it on a day to day basis since it has the perfect size, a wrist strap and a longer strap inside!

Now it's time for the more personal update of this post (which I actually don't do that often..., hmm maybe I should??). Yesterday I've been working for the whooooole day which was kind of exhausting. But ya know, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do for buying new stuff. And this morning I'm heading of to the gym for a kick-ass workout and I'll do some running errands/ probs work on the blawg. What are you up to today?

write you soon,
Demi xxx.

p.s. would you like to see personal updates in all my outfit posts?
p.s.s. everything marked with a (*) is sponsored/a collaboration.

what am I wearing?
miss etam* shirt
boohoo skort
beautiful-bijoux* bracelet, ring and necklace
soho (v&d) watch
Estelle clutch


  1. Toffe look zeg! Staat je heel goed :)


  2. super:) xx

  3. Super schattige look, maar toch sophisticated.
    En je foto's zijn zo mooi scherp! Good job :-)

  4. Flaunting da booty!! Die skort is zo leuk & de ketting ook


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