A different take on the leather jacket.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Hiya! How have you all been? Today I wanted to show you a different take on the leather you usually see, which is most often black or brown. But instead I got this pearl coloured one! 
I actually own it for quite some time already but never really worked out on how to style it since black is often the easiest way to go.  But last week I tried it on again after sometime and fell totally in love with it and how it complements the outfit I was wearing! It's also a really good piece for some chilly spring days since it will still keep you warm and keep off a spring/summer vibe due the colour.

I also love how the photo's turned out since they were made by my niece Natiza ( visit her blog here!) and her camera. She uses a completely different lens than I do so it's nice to see a slight change every now and then.

So my kind of update on life: I've been mostly chilling out these past two days, and I'll probably also be today and maybe tomorrow. It's nice to do nothing for a while but somehow it just doesn't feel completely right because well, I could do something better with my time right? But ya know, you gotta rest and spend time with yourself sometimes so keep the good vibes around you and stay zennnnn. ;-) Sending good vibes to you too! much love, Demi xx.


What am I wearing?
zara top
DIY shorts
unknown leather jacket
converse shoes
feel good market ring


  1. Nice:) xx

  2. Wauw, heel mooi jasje! vind je shortje ook erg tof. Schattige foto met die kat :)

  3. Het is inderdaad echt een mooie leatherjacket en perfect zo met het mooie weer :) dan is het juist leuk om lichte kleuren te dragen!

  4. wat een leuke foto's en erg leuke outfit

  5. Ik vind het jasje heel mooi!!


  6. Mooie foto's en leuke look! Lekker zomers.


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