Who wears it better? | Brother VS Sister.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Ola! Today we have something different on the blog! (Nonethless, I did really enjoy making it) It's a who wears it better, or maybe in this case, a who suits it better hehe. A little while ago I received these glasses from Polette (read more about Polette in my previous post, here.). 
When I got the glasses I was like 'hmm let's see how this will turn out'. Mostly because they're way different from my normal glasses, and also because they're slightly out my comfort zone. And since my brother needed to get new glasses I was like 'hey Kev, try these on! Let's see how they suit you' (...)
So since we both tried them on I thought it'd be fun to make a 'who wears it better' ! So now it's all up to you and time to vote. Will it be a point for my brother Kevin, or for me? Leave it in the comments below :-)

And also, since I loooooved making this post, would you like to see more 'who wears it better' posts? This could for example also be posts like 'how to style a maxi skirt' - v.s. me and one of my friends.

Demi, xxx.

P.s. want to get your hands on a pair of fancy (sun)glasses yourself? Visit Polette here


  1. Ah I like it on the both of you, but I think it looks a bit better on you, haha ;) xo

  2. Ahh leuk artikel! Ik vind die bril leuk staan bij jullie allebei!

  3. Hele leuke post!! Ik vind hem jou toch beter staan hihi


  4. Jullie lijken veel op elkaar! :) Hij staat jullie allebei super leuk, mooi model is het!

  5. Allebei! Super mooi montuurtje!

  6. Leuk idee, moet je zeker vaker gaan doen!


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