Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Ola! Today I'm sharing an outfit with you with some pieces I haven't worn for ages. Which are these trousers from zara and this cami! Even though I don't wear them often, I'm in love with these trousers. I only still need to find the perfect shoes to pair 'em with.
I've been searching for the perfect black loafers for what feels like forever but I just can't seem to find the pair I've been envisioning in my head. Anyone has some recommendations of online stores I can check out?
Also today I have my last exam. Hooooray for that because that means the summer holiday is starting!! Even though I have to work a lot I'm so excited for it because works means money and money means new clothes!! (Ok.. and maybe saving some money would be a good thing)
Plus, I'm finally gonna get my new iPhone friday. yes! So I guess the new clothes will have to wait till next month though... ;-)

Write you soon, xx.
What am I wearing?
monki bralette
the lady sting cami
zara trousers and bag
pimkie leather jacket
newlook brogues

p.s. Feel like something happened with blogger last night because it made all my photo's look like they had very bad quality. That's why there aren't many photo's in this post today. Sorry!


  1. Ik vind je outfit echt super! En heb je al eens op boohoo gekeken? En natuurlijk de obvious, asos en topshop? x

    1. Dankjewel! Yup bij asos en topshop had ik al gekeken, maar boohoo is een slimme! Ik ga snel even een kijkje nemen :-)

  2. Ik vind die broek heel leuk!


  3. suepr look:) xx

  4. Mooie outfit zeg, je hemdje is heel gaaf! X


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