May Goals | Recap

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Hi! So May has come to an end which means it's time for a recap! I've had a quite busy month with my finals and work, but let's see whether there are still some goals that I've achieved.

1. Pass my finals. Well I'm not so sure whether I've actually passed them, but hey, lets atleast I can say that I've survived them ;-). Not gonna lie that it was kind of stressfull because planning is not my best part, but I've done my best! And we still gotta wait till the actual result.

2. Try more healthy recipes. Yes,Yes,Yes! We finally got a blender again so I've been going crazy with the smoothies (smoothie-obsessed, yup) You can find one of the recipes of my favorite smoothies here. I've also tried out some banana bread. The first time it didn't taste that great but it surely did the second time when I changed the recipe a bit! So that will be online soon :-)

3. stress less. Not really. It went fine before and after my finals, but during the actual finals I've had some slight breakdowns on some days. But I guess that's just what happens during finals week right?! But, this is still something I want to work on, so I'll continue trying during June.

4. Buy a new Iphone. Yes, finally! Well actually it did get a bit delayed since I'm actually getting it this wednesday, but I figured it still counts :-)

5. Spend more time outside. Sadly not. Of course I've been out when the weather was great but not as much as I wanted to. But since I do think that this is a very important thing I'm also gonna go and continue trying to achieve this during the next month. So I'll keep you updated on this one!

So, I've got a 2.5/5 which is somewhat reasonable I suppose? Not as good as I would've liked but hey, luckily we got a new month ahead of us! So I'm going to try to be able to atleast mark the 'stress less' and 'spend more time outside' of my list then. And I'll update you soon on the rest of my goals for June, so stay tuned for that!

Where there any goals you made for the month May, and did you achieve them?

Demi, xxx.


  1. Ik wilde gewoon heel veel uitrusten en leuke dingen doen, da tik zeker gelukt!


  2. hello my friend hmmmm... have been eatin healthier (merely) and i can finally see a trace of what seems strangely enough a butt
    however that might be a mosquito bite

    finished exams without dying v
    plan social activities v
    manage my high heels v
    get a summer job v
    not getting fat before senior prom v

    1. Veerle I s2g you're the funniest friend. And a summer job huh?!!!!?!!, guess who helped you to get that (hint:ME) xx
      p.s. I hope the butt has been growing for you, otherwise the mosquito bite will do that job for now..

  3. Fijn dat je weer wat gehaald hebt!

    Liefs, Elbrich

  4. Wat een goed idee om doelen te stellen voor een maand. Superleuk dat het gezonde receptjes maken gelukt is! :) Ik hoop dat je je examens gerockt hebt, komt vast goed! x Rowan


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