our so called "adventure" .

Thursday, 16 April 2015

 A few days ago Melisa and I headed out again to explore out village because somehow, we feel very 'adventurous' lately but we never actually go on like real cool adventures. Not sure whether it is because our village hasn't that much to offer, or because we just don't really know where to go? I'd love to (...)
climb on roofs and take cool pictures but we never really get further than walking through a field of grass. * screams of excitement and feels like such a rebel * lol, just kidding. Anyhow, whe did take some photo's when we went so I thought it'd be fun to share them with you. And don't take them too serious because they aren't really like photoshoot photo's ;-)

Oh and we're going again this evening so hopefully it'll be cooler than walking through a field of grass and screaming whenever a bug lands on us...

Demi xx.


  1. Nice:) xx

  2. Waauw hele mooie foto's Demi! Je staat er echt mooi op :) Ik vind je all stars echt leuk, die ga ik binnenkort ook aanschaffen :) liefs

  3. Oh waauw, het zijn mooie foto's! Heel mooi sfeertje :) x


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