Monday, 13 April 2015

Since I've moved a few months ago I now finally feel like my room is starting to look really put together. So I thought, why not share a few snapshots of it since I'm actually quite proud of the way it's looking right now! And who knows, maybe it'll even inspire you! ;-) 

And I'm also thinking about doing a room tour video but (...)
only if I'm actually really statisfied with the way it looks. But I guess you might be able to see that in the future.

Also on a little side note: does anyone know where you can buy affordable prom dresses ( that aren't waaay to over the top etc) online? Because my prom is coming close but finding a dress is so hard!

I hope you have a great monday and here's your little reminder that you can handle everything what this week throws at you :-) 

much love, 
Demi xx.


  1. Wat een schattige plantjes :)

  2. Leuke details! Ik vind je blog trouwens ook heel mooi, laat staan je banner :')


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