April Goals.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Hey! Not so long ago I discoverd Laura's blog, and every month she made a post with monthly goals. At the end of the month she'd revise them and see whether or not she could check 'em of the list. I personally thought it was a really fun idea to actually work on your goals ( and revise them ) so here are my goals for the month of April!

1. Clean my room more often. Yup, I guess this is a typical teenage thing but I'm not gonna lie. My room is a mess, and a big one. So I hope I'm able to make time this weekend and keep a big cleanse in my room and throw everything out I don't use anymore, and nope, no emotional-keeping-stuff allowed! Because do I really need that stuff from when I was a little child ?!

2. Improve my photography. I feel like my photography has really improved lately but it's obviously not perfect yet! So I'll keep on trying to improve myself!

3. take more free time. Incase you didn't know it yet, I'm one of those people who really needs atleast 8, preferably 9 hours of sleep every night before I can function properly, and somehow I always get sick when I'm a busy, busy bee. So it's time to scedule some time in every week where I got no "must do's " and where I can ultimately relax.

4. work out at least 3 times a week. Somehow I always end up working out a lot ( Like a real lot ) for a few weeks and afterwards I'll hardly ever work out for a couple weeks, so now it's time to make a proper scedule!

5. draw/read more ( or other creative activities)! I always love drawing and/or reading and I find it so relaxing, but somehow I never actually end up doing it so here's to a month full of creativity!

6. Save more money. Every time I get my wages it'll be gone by the end of the week. So I really need to save more money incase of emergency's and just get more financially stable... well, maybe that sounds way too grow up but atleast I need to make it through a month.. ;-) Plus, my phone subsription will end by the end of may and I need to pay the next one myself, so this is a really good reason to save more money!
Anyhow, these where my goals for the month of April! All the credits go to Laura for this idea :-) . And do you have any goals for April? Let's reach them together!

Demi, xx.


  1. Haha save more money is een goede, dat wil ik ook iedere maand doen..

  2. Mooie doelen heb je gesteld. Ik zou ook graag mijn fotografie willen verbeteren! Creatief bezig zijn/lezen is altijd fijn, ik merk dat ik er ook rustig van word :) good luck!!


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