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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Say welcome to my first outfit with my Dr Martens, I'm still so in love with them! Today's outfit is all about easy and being comfy, while still looking great. One of my favorite items where I feel comfortable in, that is quick to throw on and is very easy is (...)
a t-shirt dress. Honestly, I think they look so effortless, yet so cool. They suit everyone and they are like the most comfy thing ever, in winter and summer. I can't even ask for more because if it was for me I'd probably live in it. But because it was still a bit chilly out, ( hey, it's still winter!) I paired it with my leather jacket, I hadn't worn it for ages but I still adore it because leather jackets are definitely a key piece in a wardrobe to me!

And as I already told you, I also wore my Dr Martens and I feel like the leather jacket and Dr Martens make the outfit look so cool, - and even, like... badass. 
to top it off I added this quartz necklace from Beautiful-Bijoux, look at it's sparkles in the fourth photo, it's almost galaxy-like!

On another note, I'm so motivated and pumped to work out everyday for some reason even though school is very busy and all right now, like??? Whenever I got nothing to do my brain is more like 'Nah, I don't want to work out', but when I'm the busiest person ever it's like 'Hell yeah lets spend those 2 hours at the gym'. But now I'm thinking about it I'm not sure whether it's just a weird thing that my brain does or if it's just me procrastinating because I don't want to study for my exams?? Oh well...
Hope you didn't mind me rambling for a bit.
Anyway, Have a great day folks!

Demi, x


  1. Wauw mooie outfit! Ik ben gek op die 'all black' outfits, ik vind je zwarte jurkje heel leuk met je leren jasje. En je schoenen zijn perfect!

  2. Wat een heerlijke look zeg! Ik zou alles willen pikken van je :)


  3. Edgy hoor! Staat je goed deze outfit..
    X http://www.ladygoldapple.com

  4. Nice :)xx

  5. Ohhh heel leuk! Je ketting is echt fantastisch :)

    ♥♥♥ Saskia

  6. Staat je heel goed! Leuke jasje overigens!

  7. aahh je docs zijn in 1 woord: geweldigg


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