perfect basic T

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hey! I'm here to show you these quick shots we took of my outfit, because I've been wanting to show you one of the best buy's of mine, this basic T. I've been searching for a looong time for the perfect basic T but somehow it always seemed endless. Untill (...)

I stumbled upon this one at the Zara in Paris. And I can say, I'm obsessed. I've bought it in black and white because basic T's are such a staple in your wardrobe, ( even though mine was missing the right one) And I'm thinking of buying one more in both colors just incase! They fit nicely, loose but not too loose and they have a great quality! They come with a chain-y necklace which is attached to the hem of the neckline but you can easily just put it underneath your shirt so it isn't always in sight. It's just whatever you like the most.

Today I'll wait for my package that should get delivered anytime soon and I'm so excited for it because I've finally ordered something that was on my wishlist for aaaages. So as soon as I got it I'll tell you more about it!

have a great day,
Demi x.


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