Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hi! Guess who's finally back with a new post!? ( Yup it's me, retorical question ;-) ). Anyhow, yesterday Melisa and I went to Den Bosch ( or how it's called on the map; 's-Hertogenbosch) to shoot some outfits, hoooray. Luckily, the weather was lovely, and I might even consider it to be warm ( For this time of the year at least). (...)

I'm wearing a very simple outfit, that still looks put together because of the lace top and blazer. I love how a blazer can make everything look smart. Like honestly, add a blazer to your outfit and it will look effortless and put together. And besides that, I'm so in love with my new jeans, I finally bought the topshop highwasted jeans that I had my eyes on for aaaages in Paris, and I can officially say; these are the best jeans ever and I don't even want anything else anymore. They're definitely 10000% worth the money.

Today will be a day full of work and studying for me since the school exams are making it's way over again. Can't wait till they will be over, or well I actually can't even wait to graduate because * insert drum roll....* I'm taking a gap year next year! I've made this decision quite a while ago but I've never talked about it on the blog, not sure but maybe I should dedicate a blog post to it? So if you have any questions about it leave them in the comments below I guess and I'll answer them asap!

Hope you have a great sunday!
Demi x.


  1. Wat een leuke foto's Demi! Ik woon heel dicht bij Den Bosch, misschien kunnen we een keertje samen foto's maken? :)

    1. Dankjewel, jaa dat lijkt me echt super tof! Ik heb alleen in de komende 2 weken wel een school examen week maar misschien daarna? x

    2. Ja is prima! Als het een beetje lekker weer is :)

    3. Ja super! Ik zal je even een mailtje sturen, dan is het wat makkelijker afspreken ;-)

  2. Wat een cute outfitje :)


  3. Hele mooie foto's en outfit Deem! xxx


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