Saturday, 14 March 2015

After long doubting I finally bought them, my first pair of Dr Martens! I've been wanting them for ages but never actually bought them because 1) they're quite expensive and 2) I wasn't sure whether they'd suit me/ fit my style. But hooray I did it and I'm glad I did. When they arrived I had to get used to seeing shoes that are sorta big on my feet but now I absolutely love them! (..)

 Even though my mom absolutely hates them lol. Anyway, I do really have to walk them in and I got my first blisters already. Let's hope they're worth it!

Today I went to 's-Hertogenbosch again with my brother and his girlfriend, we grabbed some lunch and coffee at bagels & beans and ate frozen yoghurt, yum! We also shot some photo's, so be prepared for an outfit with these babies soon.

Besides that, my third school exam week starts next week so the rest of my week will be full with studying and work. Which means I won't have much time on my hands, so I hope your week will be filled with more fun things than mine!

And some other news before I forget to tell it to you all, I'm one of the bloggers who got chosen to write for Beautiful-Bijoux, it's so exciting! You can check out the first post where all the bloggers introduce themselves here. (It's all in dutch though) 

lots of love,
Demi x.


  1. Wauw super mooie schoenen!

  2. Ja deze zijn super leuk!! Ik twijfel zo over deze schoenen. Ik wil ze eigenlijk ook, maar weet nog niet of het wel bij mij past. Maar als ik ze zo bij iedereen zie vind ik ze zo leuk. Oh dilemma's dilemma's, haha.


    1. Dat had ik in het begin ook heel erg! En anders kun je ze altijd bestellen zodat je kan zien hoe ze je staan en als je het niks vind kun je ze gewoon weer terug sturen :-) xx

  3. I love the shoes sooo much. I've been debating getting some myself, and this makes me really want to!

  4. Ze zijn echt super gaaf! Succes volgende week!

  5. Oh may gawd! Die zijn zo super tof!!


  6. Ik ben verliefd! Ze zijn heel tof Demi, past ook zeker bij je stijl :) Heel veel succes volgende week! xo


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