Easy like a sunday morning.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

it's not a morning anymore nor was it very easy but it's still sunday so I suposse that this title somewhat still makes sense right? Anyhow, I just quickly tuned in to let you know that I'm still alive but that the examweek requires all my time. This morning (...)
Melisa and I went for an little adventure this morning, or well a walk that somewhat turned into an adventure which resulted in dirty jeans and shoes because we're not very good at skipping locks, but oh man, it was funny! 

On another note, I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon in my room behind my laptop screen and books to study my ass off while quietly listening to john mayer. Before exam weeks I always make a little promise with my self to start atleast a week before with studying, didn't work this time though. I-HAVE-SO-MUCH-TO-DO!!!?!
I gotta log off now because otherwise this 'quickly blog post writing' will turn into atleast an hour procrastinating. 

hope to write you soon,
Demi x.

p.s. sorry if this post didn't make much sense at all -which I would understand. But I'd just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive and give you a teeny tine update of my life atm.


  1. Mooie foto Deem! Succes met je examens! xx

  2. Toffe foto! Heel veel succes met je toetsen :) Ik maak standaard een planning voor leren, maar daar houd ik me nooit aan, haha. xo

  3. Oeh, je header is heel mooi!


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