Friday, 20 February 2015

Bonjour! Yesterday evening I got back from my Paris, the city where every other corner seems photogenetic, where every woman seems to be able to walk on heels all day, and lots of cute cafe's. It was an adventure for sure and I couldn't wait to share the photo's with you as soon as possible. 

It all started sunday night, we..
travelled by bus and arrived at around 6AM in Paris. And even though it was super early the weather was already lovely. We took the metro to our Hotel and luckily we where able to check in immediately, this was a perfect suprise to us ( Jitte, Anouk and I) because we couldn't sleep in the bus at all so we decided to take a nap in our room ( Which looked great!! And look at the window view on the photo's above!) before heading out.

After taking a nap and eating breakfast we went to the city at around 10AM, and the first thing we saw, and did was to go into this giant ferris wheel. This way we where able to look all over paris.

After the Ferris wheel we just walked towards the eiffel tower, stopping at multiple souvenir shops and just wandering around. Before going to Paris we didn't really made a planning, just because we didn't want to be dissapointed if we weren't able to do one of the things that was on the planning and because we just wanted to see where the ship would land I suppose.

Nevertheless, our Paris adventure was filled with lots of good laughs, wandering around, getting lost (or just generally going the wrong way), lots of food but less sleep. 

 So from now on my Paris posts will probably be more photo's than text, but I hope you enjoy it anyways. I've also filmed some stuff in Paris so I might post a little video on my youtube/blog from Paris soon! And would you like to see a post with Paris hotspots or things to visit when in Paris? ( Or both!!) Then leave a comment below :-)


  1. Wauw prachtige foto's! De Eiffel toren is zo leuk :)

  2. super mooie foto's! echt elke hoek is daar mooi ja hahaha hoelang blijf je er?

    xx Anna and Christel <3 it takes 2 to fashion ps. don't miss out on our GIVEAWAY MONTH!

    1. Dankjewel! Ik ben sinds donderdag weer terug op Nederlandse bodem maar ik ben er 4 dagen geweest :) x

  3. Aah fijne foto's. Ik ben dus nog nooit in Parijs geweest. Ik moet er echt een keer heen!



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