Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Finally a new post for you guys! And today it's all about sun(glasses). 
As you probably know I have prescription glasses for quite a while now, but I was still missing some prescription sunglasses. 

And guess what?! Polette was exactly the one that could help me finding my perfect prescription sunglasses! Not so long ago (...)
I received an email from Polette asking whether I'd be interested in trying their brand out, and of course I was!

So what is exactly the concept and idea behind Polette you may ask. Well Polette is an online optician. So on the site of Polette you can order your own (prescription sun)glasses. The site contains over 900 frames, so there will always be plenty of choice! 
Polette was already well known on the French market, but they're now also becoming more and more known on the Dutch market. Because Polette works without any parcels in between they're able to make the prices much cheaper than they would be at your regular optician. Winning!

And even though the price is a lot cheaper, the quality is still very good. You'd often expect that the quality would be dissapointing when you buy something that's not so expensive, but this fortunately is not the case with Polette! This is because Polette has it's own laboratory where opticians are doing their best to make the glasses exactly how you want them to be. (Hooray for hard working people!!)

So what's my opinion about Polette? I am very, very enthiousiastic about Polette! Because they don't only have over 900 frames, which makes it easier to find something that's suitable for you. But they also have an amazing ( and affordable! ) price range, because we all know that glasses can be a huge expense sometimes! 

I do have to admit that I was kind of afraid ordering the glasses at first because I thought it would be difficult to fill in you exact strenght etc for your glasses. ( And let it just happen to be that I didn't exactly know what mine was..). But that was luckily easily fixed with a quick call to my local optician. When ordering your glasses you're able to fill in you're own strengt manually on the site, but you're also able to upload a file with all your (eye) information in it, so that's a good and easy alternative!

It took about 2,5 weeks before my glasses arrived. And in the beginning I thought that that was quite a long time, but then I realised that it was actually logical. Because the glasses are made especially for you, plus they'll have to come from another country. ( And at most opticians it takes approximately the same amount of time)

In addition to the prescription (sun)glasses, you can also order 'normal glasses'. So if you're looking for some regular (sun)glasses to use as an accessory, you'll still be able to use Polette. ( Plus, you're glasses will be cheaper sinds you don't need the prescription glasses, hoooray!)

(When it comes to ordering prescription glasses) I'd have to say that I'd reccommend using Polette if you're looking for a second pair of glasses, or for sunglasses beside your normal prescription ones. Because I can imagine that it can be complicated to fill in your strenght and values of the glasses when you just only had an eyetest and never bought glasses in your life before, so you don't really know how it all works and all. But if you just want to order normal glasses without any prescription than it wouldn't really mind whether it is your first time or not since you don't have to fill in the prescription form!

And as you've probably noticed, I'm a fan of Polette! It's easy to use with plenty of choice! And - also very important - a good price. So if you're looking for some new sunnies or regular glasses, I'd definitely take a look at their site! ( Which you can find here)

And you can find the exact glasses that I have here. I think that the front is so diva like, but the wooden sides totally spice it up and makes it look more casual. I absolutely love them, and I personally think they're definitely something for everyday wear. I did have to get used to them a little bit since the frame is a bit bigger than my regular glasses, but that definitely doesn't mean that I love them any less! So whenever the sun is out, this badboy will be to!
What do you think of my glasses?

Lots of love,

a/n: this post was in a collaboration with Polette. All the words and opinions written above are my own. I will always give my honest opinion, whether I like something or not. And it just happens to be that I’m very enthiousiastic about Polette!


  1. Love the glasses! The prices are indeed a lot lower than you'd see them at normal opticians. Nice photo's as well. x

  2. Aah leuk! Ik ben benieuwd hoe die je staat :)


  3. Je heb en mooie uitgekozen! <3


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