the sunset and the first snowfall of the year.

Monday, 29 December 2014

I don't know about you guys but I sort of have a love/hate relationship with snow. Don't get me wrong, it looks beautiful and all but I only like it when I'm inside or when I'm able to go outside voluntairy, but when I actually have to go outside for work or such it's absolute terror. It started snowing in Holland last saturday, and I even woke up earlier that day to make sure I got at work in time. But by the time I actually arrived at my job ( I was still on time luckily! ) I looked like the abominable snowman.

Anyhow, like I said before, snow looks beautiful so I decided to go out to take some photo's yesterday while the sun was setting. I personally think the photo's turned out pretty well but I'm obviously curious about what you think of them.
So which one is your favorite? I really like the top one! 



  1. I'm a fan of sunsets, this one is pretty :)
    Love, Virginie

    1. Thank you! I also love sunsets so much, I always think they look so incredible. x

  2. Prachtige foto's Demi!
    De een na laatste is mijn favoriet :)


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