Wednesday, 31 December 2014

heyhey! Today I wanted to share my highlights of the year 2014. Since it's the last day of the year ( sounds so weird to say!) I thought it was time for nonstalgia. And even though I often think a couple days ahead, at the end of the year I always look back and reminisce everything that has happened.

So I looked way back down on my instagram to find out what exactly I did in which month since I often share more things on instagram than on my blog. I choose 2 photo's of each month and made a little collage of them, so let's start to look back at January!

January 2014.

I went to the Christmas market in Maastricht with one of my best friends. // I got better at kickboxing throughout the year and I still love it! 

February 2014.

I got all my closest friends Valentine's cards which were so funny and we still laugh about them  every now and then. Some of my friends even still have them till this day! // I cut my hear into a short bob and dyed it darker! I still really like that dark color and I'm actually thinking of dying it back to that. What d'ya reckon? ( you can find the outfit I'm wearing on the second photo here )

March 2014.

I got my first skateboard and it was so warm that I could even skate on it in just shorts! // I bought my first 2 MAC lipsticks in berlin and I still use them! And because I went to Berlin I decided to also make a little collage about that since it was such a highlight of 2014 to me. ( you can find the full berlin haul here )

 ( find my berlin posts here & here )

April 2014.

We went to the Efteling with school // got my nails done for the first time! ( Read the post about that here!

May 2014.

saw this gorgeous sunset out of the window of my old house // went on lots of evening hikes with my brother.

Juny 2014.

Finally went to the One Direction Concert and I was sosososooo excited! It also was my first concert and it holds such an amazing memories. ( Read more about the concert here & here ) // Went to the beach with the fam and shot some really nice photo's. (And you can find the some of the photo's here!)

July 2014.

I went to summer school otherwise I wouldn't have passed my year in Havo 4. During the time I went to summer school the Young Americans came to our school which was loads of fun! // I went on holiday and since my brother wasn't coming I took my best friend with me. ( read my holiday posts here, here, here & here! )

August 2014.

got more out of my comfort zone by wearing this gorgeous pantalon! ( Find the outfit here! )// went to Rotterdam with my Brother.

September 2014.

Went to some birthday parties of my friends! // went to the theme park with my family and had such a great and fun time. And I've been on a couple of the best rollercoasters.

October 2014.

I went to the 1975 concert which was by far my favorite concert ever! ( Find my posts about the concert here & here ) // I got glasses, yay for better sight! ( click here for a better photo of my glasses)

November 2014.

I had my first real school exams of my graduation year. And it was sooo nerve wrecking. // But on the brighter sight, I also went to the Ed Sheeran concert that week! ( click here & here for more Ed Sheeran concert photo's

December 2014.

Celebrated my own and many other birthdays this month! // Had secret santa with my best friends. I got so many and lovely presents! 

and a little extra; I saw so many amazing and beautiful breathtaking sunsets ( and sunrises! ) last year. Sunsets are literally my favorite thing ever and every night I can't keep myself from taking a little peek outside my window to see what the sunset looks like that day.

So I hoped you like this post, what are some of your highlights of 2014?
I already want to wish you all the best for 2015. Hope you have lots of fun tonight and don't forget to be safe with the fireworks ;-) 

Write you soon in 2015!



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