Friday, 19 December 2014

                                        HeyHey! I've told you I would be back today with a new post, so here it is!As we probably all have noticed, the colder days are here, so that means we need to have good coats and scarfs to keep us warm. And guess what?! I know some scarfs that will definitely keep you warm these colder days. Or maybe they will keep your sister/ friend/ mother/ grandma and go so on warm  because they'll definitely be a good and usefull present!Bandit Shawls is a new dutch brand that just launched their new webshop,  entirely dedicated to their scarfs! They make unique scarfs that can be worn daily, when it's cold outside you can pair it with your jacket, and during the spring/ early autumn days you can use them on it's own while still being warm.
Every single scarf on their webshop is handmade, this means that they definitely have a good quality ( also due the high quality fabrics, the scarfs that are currently on the webshop are made of 100% wool and their tasseled edge is made from suede) and are always a tad bit different. Several times a year there will appear new scarfs on the webshop, so there will be plenty of choice. Nevertheless, they keep the availability small, so that means that you'll always have a unique scarf. I personally think that the fact that you'll have a unique product is a huge plus. You can probably imagine that during the winter a wool scarf will be too warm, so they will obviously use different products then so you can wear the bandit scarf the whole year round! And even though they will change the wool, you'll always recognize the bandit scarfs due the tasseled edge! 

The scarfs are currently only available in the webshop, but later this year you might find them on different creative markets around the Netherlands, because they can imagine that you want to see the scarf in real before actually buying it! But until then, you can also do this by contacting them and making an appointment to stop by!

So if you're searching for a present for someone close to you, or just want to have this cozy and warm scarf yourself, check out their webshop here
Oh and before I forget it, how stunning do these photographs look?! The Bandit team send them to me and I absolutely adore them. You can find the other photographs from the lookbook and other information about Bandit Shawls on the site

Lots of love,

this was a collaboration with Bandit Shawls. Nevertheless, all the opinions stated in this post are mine.


  1. Ik vind hun website zo leuk!!


  2. Wat een prachtige foto's en sjaals! Een warme sjaal kan ik momenteel wel gebruiken :p xo

    1. Een warme sjaal kun je bijna altijd wel gebruiken in Nederland tijdens de herfst of winter haha. Maar misschien een leuk kerstcadeautje? :-) xx

  3. Leuke sjaals :).. en idd sjaals zijn altijd handig!


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