Grainy and vintage looking.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Heyhey! I'm back with a new outfit. We actually shot this one last week but I didn't have enough time to edit the photo's. I made the photo's a bit grainy on purpose and I tried to give them some sort of 'vintage looking' to it. Not quite sure if I like it though but I do think it has something.
I'm wearing this t-shirt dress from my mom and I'm actually obsessed with it. I think t-shirt dresses look..
so cool and effortless and you can style them a thousand ways! Wish I had one my own, but for now I'll just have to lend hers every now and then.
I paired it with a very old denim jacket of my brother, I really like to oversized denim jacket trend that is kinda going on right now, it makes everything look way more urban - and if you ask me - slightly more badass and reckless.
Anyhow, to not make it completely 'badass and reckless' I paired it with my brogues and black purse. 
I love the way the outfit turned out, even though it's actually so simple! And wearing this feels like wearing pyjamas.

School is really busy this week but, and I'm going on family weekend this weekend so I'll have to start making my homework for next week early. ( and that might also be one of the reasons why it's so busy) 
And I'm still not over my post concert depression so I'm still listening to the 1975 non stop. No regrets though, because their music is just a-ma-zing

Oh by the way, it's 10:30 pm as I'm writing this and I still have to work on an essay, so I guess I gotta go now! ByeBye.



  1. Je ziet er heeeel erg tof uit! En de foto's zijn heel erg mooi geworden!
    Liefs, Tessa

  2. love the outfit.. en de foto's zijn zoals altijd geweldig ;)

  3. Wat een prachtige foto's alweer! Echt geweldig gewoon :)

  4. Super leuke outfit! Ook leuk zo in het donker :)

  5. Love ittttt! The jacket is really cute. xo Juli


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