Five favorites... Beauty products!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Remember that I told you a little while ago that I came up with a new concept for the blog that I was going to announce soon? Well here it is! Five Favorites. Every now and then I'll post an article with five favorites. It could be for example my five favorite movies, songs, clothing items or in this case, beauty products! 
 I personally really like make-up and I love looking tutorials on youtube, but I don't wear much make-up myself and I'm not afraid to go out the house without make-up. But anyhow, today I want to show you some of my favorite beauty products. So let's have a look!
1. BE eyebrow pencil. Since the holiday I've started filling in my eyebrows lightly. I've been trying to grow those bad boys out for a while now since I have quite big eyebrows myself but I used to get them waxed. At first I was kind of suspicious about filling in eyebrows because I actually thought that it was quite a hard task to do, but it isn't at all! I'm not so keen on the name of the colours though because apparently I have the color 'Blonde' but it matches my eyebrows perfectly and I do have quite dark brows. 

2. MAC Capricious lipstick. This MAC lipstick in the color Capricious is my all time favorite! I adore the color and It's perfect for an everyday look! And it can be used for day and night. So if you ask me, this definitely is my holy grail lipstick wise.

3. Real Techniques Silicone Eyeliner Pencil. Ever thought doing your eyeliner with a wing was hard? Not anymore! This literally made my life so much easier, and I don't waste so much time in the morning trying to make my eyeliner perfect anymore. Because ever since I got this one I get my eyeliner done in around ( less than) 3 minutes. I really feel like this is not a well known brush of the Real Techniques collection, but if you wear gel eyeliner, you should definitely try this out!

4. p2 lip pencil. Not so long ago I went to Germany with my grandparents and I picked this lip pencil up at the DM, just to try it out. And I have to admit that I really like it. It stays on for such a long time and it's so pigmented! Plus, it also blends in really well with my MAC plumful lipstick. So if you're looking for a good lip pencil and you happen to go to germany, definitely try this one out! 

5. Sabon Moisturising Face Cream. As you may or my not know, I have a very dry skin and I'm always in the hunt for some good moisturising face creams. And when my mom got this one I just had to try it out! And even though the cream isn't that thick ( and sticky! ) it does really do it's job. So whenever I'm at my moms house I always put this on before I go to bed! And that might also be the reason why it's almost empty already. Sorry mom! :)

So this was my five favorites for today! I actually really enjoyed writing it and going around all the products I have to look which is my favorite. I hope you enjoyed and I'll blog you soon.



  1. misschien moet ik die eyeliner pencil ook eens proberen ;)

    1. haha jaa zeker! Het is echt een life saver.

  2. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar de Capricious lipstick! Lijkt me een onwijs mooi kleurtje :) xo

  3. Gaaf, vooral die lipstick is tof!


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