Travel Diary : France.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hii! So this is my second travel diary, with some photo's that are just made here and there. Mostly of nature though since well, it was really pretty over there :) I actually am really proud of some photo's and I really like how they turned out. And of course I'm curious about your opinion and I'd like to hear it! 

Furthermore, I'm not really doing anything today besides relaxing, working out and going to my friends tonight! And since I now only have 1 week of the holidays left I set some goals for myself: drawing more, finish reading the great gatsby and planning in posts for the blog. 

Obviously I also have some other things planned like meeting up with friends and stuff, since I actually haven't really seen any of them this whole holiday. Like woah I knew my socializing skills were bad but and I thought I couldn't go more downhill, but I think that I went from 0 to -135329 this holiday. Well done Demi, Well done. 
but seriously, I really need to fix that and work on my socializing skills soon, very soon. So if you have tips feel totally free to share them with me because I am in desperate, very desperate need of them. #HelpADesperateAwkwardSistaOut.
Oh I also try not to think about school yet because woah, it really feels like summer lasted only five seconds. I also don't have all my school stuff yet but it just feels like I want to ban everything that has something to do with school from my thoughts. I guess procrastinating starts early this schoolyear.

Anyway, enough for now. Enjoy the photo's!



  1. Mooie foto's!

  2. Wauw, wat heb je weer gave foto's genomen. Ik ben dit jaar ook naar Frankrijk geweest alleen dan in de buurt van Saint Tropez. Ook erg mooi om te zien.

    1. Dankjewel! Saint Tropez lijkt me ook echt een hele mooie stad!

  3. Wauw, prachtige foto's heb je gemaakt!

  4. Wauw de 12de foto ziet er zo mooi uit!


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