Saturday, 30 August 2014

Hii! Here's my long awaited haul! I decided to do one so I could easily show you everything I got during the summer break.  I'll just put the information where I bought the items by the photo's.
My favorite items are my new jeans, cardigain, shoes, trousers and necklaces. What is your fave?
I guess there's not much more to say, so if you're curious to see whatever I got, keep on reading! 

xxxx, Demi.

A/N: This is in now means to show off since I bought almost everything with my own money were I worked very hard for.

I've been looking for a quartz necklace ( the one on the left)  for ages and I finally found one at Costes. The other one is from & other stories, I really like it because it's so dainty and pretty.

 Striped trousers.
I've been looking for ages for trousers like this and I finally found them at the Zara! I really like them because they're so minimalistic. Shots from my latest outfit post which you can find here 

I'm quite a bookworm and I really enjoy reading english books. So when I came across a second hand bookstore in France I couldn't resist. They were really cheap as well, only around 3 - 4 euros each. How can one even resist that?!
 Beauty products.
The body shop body butter is my favorite thing ever so it's not so suprising that this is the third one I've bought since they other ones are already empty.
I've also been wanting to try bb cream for quite a while now but I always thought 'nahh I'd rather spend my money on other items I really need' But when I saw it was in sale at the Kruidvat I thought, well if I don't buy it now I might as well never buy it. There will also probably come a review of this bb cream online soon!
And when I went to germany with my grandparents I bought two products from P2 at the DM to try out, and I really needed a new gel eyeliner anyway. Maybe there will come a review online of this as well? Let me know if you'd like to read it :)
I've been dying to get my hands on these shoes for ages! I think they are so versatile and go with everything! And when I found these babies at the new look, in real leather for only 35 euros I was sold.

 knitted sweater.
My mom always complains that I should wear more colour since I mainly wear black. But since I really like knitted sweaters and I thought this pink one was kinda cute I decided to give it a try. There will be an outfit online with this soon! - it's from Zara.
 black sweater.
One can never have enough sweaters. And since it's my favorite thing to wear in a/w I got this one in germany as well. It's from cartoon* which is a really fun store, look wise.
* Cartoon can be bought in Germany and in some Hout Brox in holland as well. It is more expensive in Holland though..
 Lace top. 
I think lace tops look so cute and since I only have one that's cropped ( so it's not always appropriate) I got this one at stradivarius! Which actually is a really nice store!
 Crop tops.
Basic crop tops can be worn with a lot of things and are so easy for the summer. So I bought a grey and black one at the h&m.

 Cardigain and high wasted jeans.
Whenever I'm wearing jeans I prefer to wear high wasted jeans. But I never was able to find one that was actually really highwasted untill I found this one at the newlook! I also really like comfy cardigains since they also can be worn with everything and immediately add a casual vibe. ( also from newlook)
 maxi skirt.
I have to admit, I never really was fond of maxi skirt/dresses. But I actually started to like them this summer. And woah, they're really one of the comfiest things ever! So I got this one from Zara.

Layered necklace.
I really like layering necklaces, especially when I'm wearing a simple outfit. So when I saw this necklace at the stradivarius I knew I had to take it with me.


  1. Je hebt erg leuke dingen gekocht!

  2. Oeh je kettinkjes zijn zo mooi!
    Liefs, Tessa

  3. ik vind je zwart/witte broek heel mooi!

  4. Mooie aankopen heb je gedaan:)


  5. Wauw, je kettingen vind ik zo gaaf! Vooral de laatste dubbele ketting, uniek. :) Je maxidress is GORG! Nette kledingstijl heb je, ook zo eigen. ^^

    1. Super bedankt Cynthia, erg leuk om te horen dit :) xx

  6. Wat een super gave aankopen allemaal! Ik vind je broek ook onwijs tof :)

    Kim / Vintage & Beauty

  7. Wat gaaf het boek van the devil wears Prada, die film heb ik altijd zoo leuk gevonden. Die gouden kettinkjes vind ik heel erg schattig. Die body butter met passievrucht lijkt me heerlijk! Die roze trui vind ik ook erg mooi :)

  8. ah wat een super leuke kettingen en truien, helemaal klaar voor het gure weer!

  9. Je ketting is super leuk! De outfit met de gestreepte broek vind ik ook erg leuk! <3


  10. Wat een hoop mooie items heb je er bij <3 Ik ben vooral fan van je witte kanten topje, maxi skirt en mooie ketting!


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