French Wardrobe System Update.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

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Hello! Remember when I wrote about the French Wardrobe system here? I explained what the concept of the challenge was and how it all works, and that I was gonna try it. And to be fair, when I started the challenge I really thought that I'd never succeed in it, because how the hell was I, a girl who has a lot of impulsive buying, gonna succeed in only buying 5 items in 3 months?! But looking back now, I think I did quite a good job, I have to admit that I might have bought more than 5 items (  that were not basics) but I really did not buy more than 10. And I think that is pretty damn good.
When I started I had to make a list of things that where basics to me, and sort out which ones I already had and what I still had to buy. So lets take a look at that.
The items that are bold where the items that I already had, and the items that are underlined are the ones I've bought.

a striped T-shirt
- black and white oversized t-shirts
- black and white tank tops
black blouse
- white blouse
- (creme coloured) knitted sweaters ( still need to find the perfect one )
- basic crop tops

black jeans
- the perfect denim jeans (dark and light washed)
- leather trousers.
black skater skirt
- black wrapped skirt
- (highwasteddenim short
- black satin short.
little black dress
skort ( skirt and short in one.. get it? :) )

black blazer
- white blazer
leather jacket
denim jacket
- comfy cardigain
- a winter coat. ( desperately in need of a new one)

black ankle booties with a heel
- black ankle booties without heel
brown ankle booties with a heel
- loafers
- summer kinda shoes???

A nice watch
gold/silver rings.
black bag
- clutch
feminime necklaces ( that you can layer)
- light coloured bag for spring/summer.

As you can see I haven't bought a lot of new basics, but that's also because I already had quite a few of  'em. But there are still a few things that are on my list! 

Now the French Wardrobe System Challenge came to an end for me, doesn't mean I'm going back to just buying everything I like. Because if there is one thing that this challenge thought me is that you need to think before you buy something, because do you really need that patternd peplum top that you are definitely not gonna wear next year? 
Now I'm definitely more thoughtfull about things I'm buying and I'm trying to save my money a bit. And I hope that it'll stay that way!
So if you are a recklessly money spender on clothes or do a lot of impulsive shopping that you regret later on I highly recommend trying this challenge, it may seem hard but it's definitely worth it!



p.s. My laptop still isn't fixed so I'm still not able to post right now with my own photo's. Hopefully I'll be able to do so soon! 


  1. Wat knap dat je zo weinig hebt gekocht! Ik ben daar zoooo slecht in. Haha.


    Kim / Vintage & Beauty

  2. Echt super knap dat je zo weinig koopt! Ik zou het gewoon niet kunnen maar ik probeer wel steeds meer basics te kopen!


  3. Wat goed dat het je is gelukt, haha! Ik heb dit ook wel eens geprobeerd, maar faalde geloof ik al de eerste dag :-P

    ♥ Saskia

  4. Wat gaaf dat je een speciale challenge had voor je garderobe. Vind zeker dat je een héél elegante stijl hebt uitgekozen!

  5. Wow gekke uitdaging. Heb je inderdaad goed gedaan! Lijkt me wel een goede manier om zorgvuldiger na te denken over hetgeen je koopt en je te beperken tot echte goede essentials ^^

    x Aurélie


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