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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hi! So I guess it's time for a new outfit post inbetween my travel posts :) I'm wearing my new black playsuit, which I adore because  you can either wear it dressed up or totally dressed down. - slightly going for an inbetween look today. Since it is kinda dressed down because of the toms ( which fit heavenly, oh my!!) but it also kinda looks dressed up because..
of the jewellery. Either way, I like it! I don't want to give too much detail away about my new playsuit and jewellery pieces right now since I want to save that for my holiday haul. So if you are curious, stay tuned for that!

Ever since I have photoshop now I'm still figuring out how I like my photo's best. But I think that I'm now just in a stage where I don't have a certain way I edit my photo's but I'm just figuring out what I like best and what I think that fits the photo the best. And I really like how the photo's turned out today, what do you think?
Photoshop also makes me so excited to edit new photo's so I actually can not wait to shoot some new outfits again, yay! 
And did you also notice the new photo in my sidebar and in the about page?

Today my Friend Dilan will come by my house so we can catch up since we haven't seen eachother this holiday at all. Hooray for good friends and good talks.


oh and p.s. the titel refers to one of my favorite songs of the 1975 - the city. I can not wait to see them in concert this October!

ph. by Natiza


  1. Prachtige outfit zeg, de kettingen maken het ook helemaal af. Mooi!

  2. Leuke outfit! De onderste foto is echt prachtig, je straalt helemaal!

  3. Echt een hele leuke foto! Je staat trouwens ook echt leuk op de foto's :) liefs

  4. Mooie outfit! Goed gecombineerd

  5. Wauw wat een leuke foto's, je outfit is erg mooi <3

  6. Ik vind je kettingen zo gaaf! Je ziet er echt tof uit!
    Liefs, Tessa

  7. Super leuke jumpsuit, lekker losjes en nonchalant!


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