white lace.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hii! Isn't this the perfect spring look? I just really like the bohemian vibe around it and the white lace dress. I did put a shirt overneath it though since this is the dress I wore to my aunts wedding and it's quite tight so I think it looks more laid-back with a shirt overneath it. While making these photo's me and my brother were actually talking about how long I have this dress already, and I actually do have it for like 3 years already. That's also..
the reason why it got quite short, too bad.

And I feel like the quality of my photo's got kinda bad while editing, don't know why exactly because I didn't do anything special. Maybe it's the high contrast? 

Oh and a little personal update about school: I'm going to summer school for these 2 weeks, which means that I'm most likely to pass this year so I can still go to Havo 5 ( not 100% sure though. ) Hoooray. 

with love, Demi.


  1. Wat een superleuk rokje! Staat mooi met de spijkerstof!
    Liefs, Tessa

  2. Weer een hele mooie outfit, leuk shirt ook :) x

  3. So pretty! :3


  4. Mooie outfit en prachtige foto's!

  5. Wat een prachtige foto's en leuke outfit ook!

  6. So pretty Deem! Echt jouw foto's zijn zo mooi!

  7. Heel leuk! Ik heb ook zo'n soort rokje! Leuke blog, ik volg je nu :) X


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