A broken laptop and My wisdom has left the building.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hello! So oh-my-god I am so so so sorry for not updating but right after I came back from my holiday my laptop broke :( But hopefully it'll get made very soon because I have so many photo's and new outfit's and new stuff to show you! Anyway, if you read my post a few weeks ago you'd know that I had to get my wisdom teeth surgically removed. And I was so scared for that, but in the end it wasn't so bad at all! It does still hurt a little but really not as bad as I thought it would. But since I have holiday now and am still recovering from my little surgery I am mostly at home, laying around and reading since I don't have a laptop and visiting the shops every now and then. And I'm not really making any day trips since I have to brush my teeth and make them clean with water and salt after everything I eat for the stitches and such.
Anyway, I do feel really bad for not updating every other day but there's not much I can do about it for now except for waiting untill the laptop will get fixed.  
So if you still want to get updated a little you can follow my instagram @demivdl. And here are also some snaps I made with my phone today.
Hopefully I'll talk to you soon. xxx


  1. Die bovenste foto is echt geweldig!
    Liefs, Tessa

  2. Die bovenste foto is echt geweldig!
    Liefs, Tessa

  3. Hope you can fix your laptop soon! think positive :)
    I will make sure to follow you on instagram, btw, i'm @marianalraposo (so you know eheh)

    1. Aaah oh my god thank you, You've been one of my favorite bloggers since the start so I'm slightly fangirling right now lol

  4. Wat een fijne foto's, lovely. Maar hey, wat zuur van je laptop..hopelijk kan die snel gemaakt worden! :(

  5. Ah, wat vervelend van je laptop:( Wel mooie foto's! x

  6. That is a travesty! I used to have a cranky old laptop years back, which I had to fix-up ever so often, but alas, I had to give it up with a more reliable one. I bought another one as an upgrade just last December. Now, I can't imagine life without it. Hahaha! Anyway, I do hope your laptop has been fixed, and that there's no more phantom pain from your removed wisdom teeth. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Wishing you all the best!

    Alison Henderson @ Scorpion Computers


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