a high level of comfy.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Hello! So this is the first ( and also the only outfit) that will come online while I'm away, ( but don't worry, there will be some other posts too!) which includes a comfy cardigan. That comfy cardigan has also been highly needed because the weather here in holland was kinda sucky. It really was the inbetween-what-the-heck-am-i-supposed-to-wear- weather. One time the sun was shining, and right after..
it was raining. Oh well, comfy cardigans always come in handy!  I really like this outfit because of the high - comfiness level, but it still looks dressed up because of the gold jewelry, what do you think?

lots of love,

p.s. I'm not really sure about the way I edited these photo's, but I'd love to hear your opinion.


  1. Prachtige outfit, je schoentjes zijn heeel mooi :) x

  2. Heel mooi Deem! Je tas is pretty en je foto's zijn gewoon leuk bewerkt! x

  3. leuke outfit ; de kleur op je nagels is super mooi


  4. photos look more professional edited this way

  5. Wat een heerlijk outfitje! Staat je echt super. En ik ben ook helemaal fan van je mooie Toms!

  6. Wat een heerlijke outfit! Leuk!

  7. Wat een fijne outfit, ik houd van dat soort vesten! Mooie nagellak heb je ook op. Je blog is echt heel tof, ik ben je gaan volgen! X


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