a proper explanation.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

 Hello! So I owe you I little explanation on why there didn't come an article online yesterday and why I haven't been so active on the blog lately. I mean yeah there did come a post online every other day but I mean with reading other blogs, responding to comments and posting comments myself etc.

So the past couple weeks have been quite hectic for me on school since I hadn't been doing as much work/ did the best I could do on school which was showing in my grades. And since the test weeks starts tomorrow, which is the last chance to even get some proper grades I had to pay my full attention to school. But doing that, and knowing that if I don't get good grades I'll have to redo this year ( havo 4 ) or go to summer school, I got so stressed out so even if I had studied a whole ff-ing lot I still got a bad grade. So that ended in still having bad grades and a bigger chance of having to redo this year which I absolutely do not want to! So the last week was full of studying for the test week to me and ending some going-on projects for school. I did the best I could and I hope that will be showing in my grades this week but to be honest I'm slightly doubting it.

But to get off from the school work for a bit I'll photograph 2 outfits for the blog today, so you'll be expecting these the upcoming week! And if I'm able to shoot some decent photo's of one direction ( since I'll see them tuesday!!!!!) I'll post those on the blog as well.

with love,


  1. Kom op je kan het! Ik snap het helemaal dat er wat minder artikelen voorbij komen hoor!
    Liefs, Tessa

  2. Ik snap t wel, soms is het moeilijk te combineren met de andere activiteiten in je leven!

  3. Oh please you don't have to explain anything to us. Sometimes life gets in the way, it happens to all of us. So don't worry about it, and just prioritize and do what works for you.

    1. oh thank you so much sweetie! This really cheered me up :) xx

  4. kop op meid ! Stel dat je het jaar zou moeten overdoen, dan heb je al zeker de helft bagage aan kennis en wat er komen gaat ; I know it sucks om te blijven zitten (zoals ze dat bij ons zeggen) maar dat is geen schande. En je bent ons niks verschuldigd waarom er eens een postje minder op je blog staat .. beter kwaliteit dan kwantiteit, toch ?

  5. Het is ook lastig te combineren, hopelijk vind je toch tijd om te bloggen! you can do it girl <3

  6. Komt goed demi!

  7. Je bent niet de enige hoor!:) Gewoon je best doen, en als je het over moet doen is er nog niks aan de hand! Komt goed!


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