if you know me you'd know that..

Friday, 16 May 2014

Hello! So I thought it was time for a new 'more personal' post on the blog today, since I feel like I haven't done those for quite a while. It's basically just a post full of random facts about me and I hope you like it, and maybe you even recognize yourself in some of them. Oh and half of the pictures above are made without make-up, but I don't mind posting them since I'm not ashamed of how I look like without make-up, and neither should you :)
Ohh, and don't forget; thank god it's friday! It'll be a busy weekend since it was my grandma's birthday yesterday so we're gonna barbeque sunday, but I'll help her prepare on saturday and I also need to shoot some outfits for the blog and try to find some time for homework. But I'll be fine! Are you gonna do anything exciting this weekend?

Anyway, let's go further with the random facts.
So if you know me you'd know that..

  • I like sports but I hate PE
  • I think, too much.
  • I'm still so happy I do kickboxing.
  • I love love love the beach
  • I also love love love one direction.
  • Economics, Maths and I will never be friends.
  • I'm hard at putting my thoughts into words, that's why sometimes I also find it hard to create great blog content.
  • I really like drawing and I'm taking art classes at school.
  • I'm obsessed with England. ( and one direction, but we already had that point :) )
  • my biggest fears are needles, spiders, stitches and never getting happy.
  • I'm a bubbly person.
  • When I don't use any muscles in my face I look dead serious and like I literally hate everything and everyone.
  • I'll always stand up against bullying.
  • I'm shy at first, but when you get to know me I never shut up.
  • I literally never stop talking
  • Chicken is my favorite meat.
  • I like reading and quotes/poems.
  • When we sleep in the same bed I might hug you and lay half on you or I'll hit and kick you, there's no inbetween.
  • I can sleep everywhere and everytime of the day.
  • I used to do horseback riding and I've done that for 5 or 6 years.
  • I had tumblr for a year before I really used it.
  • When saying something I can be really direct because I just say what I want and don't turn around the point of what I actually want to say. ( not everyone appreciates that) 
  • When I haven't slept enough I get sick very easily.
  • I've a huge fantasy and imagine things that have a 0.001% chance of happening.

Woah, well that were more facts than I expected it to be. I hope you like it anyway and have a great weekend! Write you soon. 


  1. aaah wat een leuke foto's allemaal! Echt mooi!

  2. That is such an adorable photo!! x

  3. Hé, Demi! Zou je een blogpost kunnen maken over gezonde snacks die jij eet en een waarin je outfits voor een bruiloft styled? Alvast bedankt :)

    1. Hoi! Met de gezonde snacks was ik al bezig, dus dat komt helemaal goed! Voor een bruiloft outfit moet ik even kijken, maar misschien is het makkelijker als je mij mailt ( naar demi.blogspot@hotmail.nl) zo kan ik je makkelijker helpen en kan ik ook rekening houden met jou persoonlijke stijl etc :) xx

  4. wat een leuke foto's! en leuk om allemaal te lezen, veel herkenbare dingen haha

  5. Die feiten zijn echt geweldig om te lezen. haha. En leuke foto's ook! Liefs

  6. leuk!! Ik wil deze tag binnenkort ook gaan doen !


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