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Saturday, 10 May 2014

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After reading on a lot of blogs about the French wardrobe system, and finally understanding the concept behind it. It was time for a challenge, - trying it out.
For the ones who don't know what the french wardrobe system is, let me explain.

I think we all know that French woman always look great, atleast that's the idea I ( and probably most of us) have when I think about it. That's because they work with basics, a lot. And just have a few eye catchers. But since they have a lot of basics they can make so many different outfits.
But the thing is that with the french wardrobe system, you're allowed to only buy 5 items in three months. What?! only 5 items?! Yup I know, it might be hard but... basics don't count! :)

To start following the french wardrobe system you need to have a lot of basics in your closet, otherwise you'll still be spending a lot money in those 3 months. But since basics are different for everyone, I'll be listing below my basics, I already have everything in my closet that's in bold. And I hope I'll be able to buy the rest in this month ( probs not because I spend all my money in berlin, but lets see. )

- a striped T-shirt
- black and white oversized t-shirts
- black and white tank tops
- black blouse
- white blouse
- (creme coloured) knitted sweaters ( still need to find the perfect one )
- basic crop tops

- black jeans
- the perfect denim jeans (dark and light washed)
- leather trousers.
- black skater skirt
- black wrapped skirt
- (highwasted) denim short
- black satin short.
- little black dress
- skort ( skirt and short in one.. get it? :) )

- black blazer
- white blazer
- leather jacket
- denim jacket
- comfy cardigain
- a winter coat. ( desperately in need of a new one)

- black ankle booties with a heel
- black ankle booties without heel
- sneakers
- brown ankle booties with a heel
- loafers
- summer kinda shoes???

- A nice watch
- gold/silver rings.
- black bag
- clutch
- feminime necklaces ( that you can layer)
- light coloured bag for spring/summer.

picture from weheartit

Well, what can I say? My list is kinda long, well atleast it looks like it. But it's a list from summer to winter s
o I guess it's acceptable. But looking at the list, there are quite a few things that aren't bold, but since there are also some things I don't need right now like a winter coat (since summer is coming first)  I'll buy that later this year. Anyway. following the french wardrobe system doesn't mean that there aren't any rules, because just like with every challenge, there are. So these are the following rules:
- Quality over Quantity.
- basics don't count
- accesories don't count unless they're more expensive.
- socks and underwear doesn't count.
- shoes count unless they really need to be replaced.

So I'm gonna try it out and hope it works. Even though most of the time I'm quite of a shopaholic and want to buy everything I see and like I hope this makes me think good before I buy something. Because what's the point of buying something if you're only gonna wear it once?  I must admit that 5 things in 3 months isn't much, at all. But luckily basics don't count. And basics are always in need!

I'm gonna start the first of June and I hope I can keep it up untill 31th of august. And if I like it I might try it again the 3 months after that. But I must note that if I see something that I really really really reaaaally like I'll buy it, and that things I get as a suprise from for example my grandma don't count :)

does anyone want to join me on this challenge? Do you like it or have you done it before?

with love,
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  1. Wat goed dat je dit doet. Dit wil ik ook nog een keer gaan doen!

    Kim / Vintage & Beauty

  2. Basics zijn inderdaad heel belangrijk, maar ik heb bijna geen basics haha! Ik ga proberen dit lijstje af te werken! Bedankt voor je tip over de cut out boots! :D

    1. Ja klopt, ik ook niet tot 2 weekjes geleden haha. Succes en graag gedaan :) xx

  3. Wat een super leuk systeem en goed dat je het gaan doen!

  4. Wat goed dat je dit doet! Ik doe 't ook al een tijdje en sindsdien winkel ik veel bewuster :) Scheelt weer een hoop geld haha xo

    1. Hopelijk kan ik me er goed aan houden, want ik wil inderdaad ook veel bewuster winkelen zodat ik geen dingen meer koop die ik misschien maar 1 keer draag en daarna nooit meer aan doe. :) xx

  5. leuk hé, dat organiseren van je kast en alles netjes op kleur .. ik word daar ook helemaal blij van. Ook wanneer anderen dit doen. Die challenge zie ik wel zitten .. voorlopig loste ik het probleem van 1-dagsvlieg-kleding op met 2 x per jaar een Homesale te organiseren (8 juni is het weer zo ver)
    Leuke blog trouwens ! Je hebt er een volger bij !

  6. Sounds like a great idea, I couldn't reduced my wardrobe though

  7. Oeh heel veel succes! :) Ik heb zelf gelukkig niet zo last van miskopen of aankopen die ik nooit draag. Weet gelukkig ondertussen goed wat ik echt leuk vind en echt zal dragen :)

  8. wat handig dat je dit doet en wat een mooie inspiratie foto's!

  9. Wat handig! Tot nu toe past het allemaal in mijn kast waar ik eigenlijk wel blij mee ben. Als ik op mezelf ga wonen zou ik erg graag een inloopkast willen en dan zo ingericht.


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