Monday, 14 April 2014

" I'm in love with city's I've never been and with people I've never met."

I've always had a desire to travel, ever since I can remember at least. Just because I love wandering around and discovering nice new places. - especially those not really well known ones. Don't get me wrong, I also love going to big city's like Paris and Barcelona and such, but I just wanted to point out that not every place has to be big to be nice.
So that's why I made a top 6 ( it was supposed to be a top 5 but oops ) with countries I want to visit, in particulair order.

1. England.
England has to be hands down probably my favorite country ever. Even though I've never been there. Just like the quote says " I'm in love with city's I've never been...", and I really am. I don't really know why I'm so attracted to England, whether it's the language, buildings, city's, people or just the idea I made up in my mind imagining how it must be living there. But woah, I just really want to visit it someday, and if possible - live there. 
The 3 places I'd like to visit the most in England are London obviously, because how can I not? A beautiful big city with the london eye -where I desperately want to take a ride on, the big ben and other beautiful buildings. I'd also love to visit Brighton, Because Zoe ( yes I mean zoe as in Zoella from youtube ) made me rather way to excited for it with all her videos, and because it's next to the beach. I mean, if that's not a win win..
And third, Norwich. It just seems like such a cosy village to me and yup, Tanya ( as in Tanya burr ) made me want to visit this more than ever.

2. The USA.
Well, which European doesn't dream of visiting America one day? I guess it's just something everyone wants to visit who isn't from the usa itself. Just the beautiful big city, endless beaches with hot guys, every store you can dream of. I'll take both, thank you. And talking about the US, I just really want to visit the big and well known city's, like Los Angeles, seeing the hollywood sign. New york with it's skyscrapers and the sex and the city feeling. And San fransisco with the huge bridge.

3. Australia.
Beautiful weather, huge waves, surfers, cute clothing, koala's and kangaroes? Yup, I'm in! When I think of Australia I think of a country with such a chill and good vibe going around. You can just do everything relaxed and do it the way how you please. I'd obviously love to visit Sydney one day, I have no idea what it is like, but it's the most well known one, and I'd like to experience every part of it. Byron bay and Gold coast mainly for the beach, but Gold coast also for the huge buildings and skyline which looks quite pretty.

4. Islands.
Bora Bora and the Maledives, do I need to say more? Endless beaches, clear blue water, swimming with dolphings, hammocks inbetween palmtrees. Seems like the ultimate dream holiday ( or honeymoon ) to me. 

5. Indonesia.

This might come as a bit of a suprise, But I just think that Indonesia must be such a beautiful country ( or well islands) that's so rich in culture that I'd love to visit it one day, and explorer it. I'd love to visit Bali because the nature seems so beautiful to me and you have endless opportunity's to see there. Sumatra because I think that Island is full of beautiful secrets with and incredibly beautiful nature. And Jakarta because I really like the thought of a big city in such a beautiful country which is rich in culture that I'm just really curious how it looks like.

6. South Africa.
Another country that's rich in culture and beautiful things you won't see everywhere. Crazy how things can be so different from where you live. But, I love it! I love to see new things and experience new things and I think that South Africa is the perfect country for that. I'd love to go on a Safari to see wild animals, because that must be incredible. I'd also love to go to Cape the good hope, just with the thought that Columbus discoverd it, thinking he'd found America. 

So this was my list. Which country did you like the most and which country would you love to visit one day?

lots of love,


  1. Wat een lekkere lijst! Ik wil heel graag een road trip door europa doen :)


  2. sweety, hate to break it to you but Cape of Good Hope wasn't discovered by Columbus.. He discovered America but thought it was India. just saying haha

    1. So I suppose that this is just evidence to show that history isn't my best subject, sadly.

  3. Wat een prachtige lijst! Ik wil heel graag de east to west coast trip door Amerika doen, maar dat wordt flink sparen haha :) xo

  4. nice!


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