Travel Diary: Berlin day 3 & 4

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Helllo! It's time for the last part of my Berlin travel diary.., And it will be a long one since I have lots of photo's!
So wednesday started off with a City walk through Berlin - which was horrible because I had blisters on my feet the size of China and walking hurt like hell. But hey, I got through it :) But I did find the walk quite boring because it was waaaaay to long, and we also went to a museum by checkpoint Charlie, but I wasn't really interested in that as well. I did make a lot of pictures during the city walk because the buildings in Berlin are just absolutely beautiful.

After the city walk we had some lunch went bowling and went to Charlottenburg, A huge Palace, which was beautiful! I'd really reccomend you to go there if you ever have the chance to go to Berlin.

After Charlottenburg we went on a boat trip through the city, probably because the teachers thought we hadn't seen enough already. But luckily you were just able to sit so you could relax a little and chat with your friends.

After the boat trip we were all hungry so we went to an Australian restaurant and I had some delicious chicken! And when everyone was too tired to function and done with eating we went back to our guest family's

Day 4
So day 4 isn't really long since we went back to holland at around 12:30pm, so we only had the morning in Berlin. And this morning we could just relax a little and we went to the KaDeWe, a huge shopping mall with high-end stores. ( you could also just walk around in the street of the KaDeWe) And since Anouk had way too much energy ( still wondering where she got it from because I was tired as hell ) we were running around everywhere and playing with elevators because we're that mature.. And on her request we went to the lego store.

We also grabbed some lunch and afterwards it was time for our long trip back home. But all with all I had an amazing time in Berlin even though I was exhausted and I could barely walk. I'd love to go back someday but then for a week or so, so you could relax a little and don't have to do everything at once. And if you ever have the chance to go to Berlin, I'd highly reccomend you do so because it absolutely a beautiful city!

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  1. Gaaf zeg! Ik wil ook heel graag een keer naar Berlijn! Maar eerst staat Londen op de planning :)


    1. Ooh ik wil ook zo graag nog een keer naar Londen! Daar had ik me ook eigenlijk voor ingeschreven op school alleen omdat teveel mensen zich hadden ingeschreven moest er geloot worden en was ik helaas uitgeloot. Maar ik hoop dat ik snel nog ooit naar Londen kan! x

  2. Weer hele leuke foto's! Ik wil er ook echt graag heen!


  3. Wauw ontzettend leuke blog heb je, mooie foto's!

    1. Super Bedankt! En ik ben ook redelijk trots op de foto's :) haha. Liefs, x

  4. Perfect photos!!I have been studying in Uni for Berlin!!You made me travel by the photos!!Great job!! :)


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