My favorite skin care products ( creme wise )

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hi! Finally something different on the blog than all my outfits, not that I will ever get sick of posting outfits, it's just that I like to do something else every now and then. 

Anyway, since I have a dry skin I always love to use creme's the hydrate my skin. And I'm always on the hunt for better products. So today I thought it would be nice to show you my 4 favorites.

1. The body shop body butter.
I think everyone knows this one. But it's such a great product! It hydrates my skin perfectly fine and it just smells amazing. If you want to know more about this, I wrote a review about it once which you can find here

2. Nivea Creme.
I actually have this for quite a long time already but I never used it untill 2 weeks ago. Since my nightcreme was empty I needed to use something else. And while searching through my stuff I found this one, tried it out, and loved it as a replacement for my night creme! It's quite a thick substance and it does take some time to get into your skin, but afterwards it makes my skin feel so soft. And you only need to use a tiny bit, I like!

3. Nivea Daycreme
This is literally my all time favorite Daycreme, and it's also the first one I've ever used. But it's just perfect for my skin. You do not need to use a lot so it goes a long way! It also gets into your skin pretty fast so you can apply your make-up almost straight after you put this on. It makes my face feel hydrated and soft for the whole day, so if you want to have cheeks as soft as a babyskin, use this!

4. Garnier intensive 7 days body creme
You are supposed to use this daycreme once everyweek - because that would be enough to hydrate your skin. But naha, not for me. Not that I mind, because I just use it everyday. It works perfectly fine, is very, very creamy. And easy to use when you're a bit in a rush since it get's into your skin fast and you only have to wait around 5 to 10 minutes to put your clothes on.

So these were my 4 favorite skincare products. Do you use any of them, or do you have any other reccomendations?


p.s. And for the dutchies; Happy kingsday! sadly I have to work today :(


  1. Fijne producten! Ik vind die body butter van TBS zo lekker ruiken!

    1. Jaaa klopt, en het fijne is dat de geur ook nog eens lekker lang blijft hangen! xx

  2. Wauw wat een heerlijk artikel en onwijs fijne producten! En heel erg bedankt voor je lieve reactie op mijn review van de GOSH lakjes op de blog van Anne, leuk om te lezen! Liefs, Dagmar

  3. Ik ben altijd een fan van bodyshop producten! Heeerlijk :)


  4. Ooh ik ben ook helemaal weg van de bodybutter van the Bodyshop en de dagcreme van Nivea. Deze staan ook absoluut in mijn favorieten lijstje! X

    1. Ze zijn ook echt zo fijn, en ze hydrateren mijn droge huidje super :) xx


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