Braided hairdo tutorial

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Hi there! Here it finally is, the requested tutorial for the braided hairstyle I made on the photo above. ( and in this post ) This is the first ever tutorial I'm doing but I hope it'll be helpfull. This tutorial can be used if you have short or long hair.  Let's get started!

What you need:
- bobby pins
- 2 hair ties ( incase you have longer hair)

Optional: If you don't have curly or waivy hair, you need to curl it before so once you pull some pieces out it'll frame your face nicely.

step 1.
Divide your hair into two sections. This doesn't have to be perfect since you won't see it when you're done.

Step 2.
Start with upbraiding one of the sections. This is almost the same as french braiding, but instead of putting the strings over each other, you put them under each other. So it will look like the braid is ON your hair. You do this untill you don't have any hair of the section left. Once you're done you pin your hair to your head with bobby pins ( incase you have short hair ) If you have long hair, you also braid till the end and put an hair tie in the end of the braid. - Do the same on the other section.   But make sure your braids go over each other once you pin the last braid over the first one, This way it'll look better and It'll cover most of the bobby pins.

Step 4A. ( for short hair )
Voila, you're almost done! The only thing that's left now is you pull out some pieces of hair to frame your face and to make the braid a little bit looser by pulling on it a bit. And if you have lots of layers in your hair you can pin those down by using bobby pins. Optional: spray some hairspray.

Step 4B ( for long hair)
You now have your 2 long braids and you have to put them upwards your head, depending on the lenght of your hair but I think it looks the best when your braids end around your ear height or on the top of your head.( If you go up on top of your head, it'll look like a milkbraid) Since my friend Melisa ( She just started her blog!! )  has really long hair, the braids were able to go on top of her head. Make sure you also secure them overneath eachother. ( and don't forget to remove the hair ties! ) This way It'll look better and you won't see the ends of the braid that aren't braided. If you do see them, put them underneath the braid. And don't forget to cross the braids in the back when you're putting them upwards, so the left braid will go upwards on the right - and the right braid will go upwards on the left.

Step 5. ( for long hair )
Now you only have to make the braids a little looser and pull some strands out to frame your face and you are done! yayy!

So this was my tutorial and I hope it was helpfull! If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments below :)

lots of love,


  1. wauw wat ziet het er mooi uit! Ik heb ook niet zo erg lang haar dus dit komt goed uit. Ik ga vragen of me zus het vanmiddag bij me wilt maken. :)

    1. Dankjewel! En ik hoop dat het is gelukt, ben wel benieuwd naar het resultaat :) xx

  2. Had niet gedacht dat dat ook met mijn haarlengte kan, ga het eens uitproberen! Super leuk artikeltje. xx

  3. Wat een fijne tutorial, goed uitgelegd en mooie foto's erbij!
    Je hebt trouwens een heel leuke blog, ik ben je meteen gaan volgen op Bolglovin!

    X Sara

    1. Super bedankt Sara. Ik twijfelde een beetje of ik alles goed had uitgelegd, maar dat heb ik dus wel gedaan :) En dankjewel! xx

  4. Wat een fijne tutorial zeg! Ik vind zo'n braided hairdo heel tof :) xo

  5. lovely!! :)

  6. Love this tutorial! Great style

  7. Waaauw, het staat zo mooi en chique <3 Hele fijne tutorial!

  8. Wat is dit mooi zeg, wauw! Ga het ook eens proberen :)

  9. Goed uitgelegd! Ziet er mooi uit!


  10. Heel mooi gedaan! Mijn haar is iets langer dan dit, misschien probeer ik het een keertje!


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