yesterday was shooting day ( + some not so charming pictures )

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hi! As you know I'm making a lookbook with Julia and Betul for school and yesterday we went to the woods to shoot 3 outfits each. Which you will obviously see later on :) So now I just wanted to share some backstage/ random pictures from yesterday to show you how we roll during a shoot day. Plus it's also carnaval which is kinda the same as halloween but not scary and 5 days in a row, but I won't be celebrating it every day since I don't like going out that much. So I celebrated it yesterday, I'll as well tonight and thuesday. But let's go back to the actual purpose of the post and show you some pictures..
 Betul doing Julia's hair, since we made pictures in a boho-kinda-style we decided to go for an updo.
 A part of where we were making pictures, I loved the long grass and the bit of water.
 just some random funny picture.

 Since I was freezing my imaginairy balls of - don't have any so I wasn't able to literally freeze them off - I wrapped myself up in blankets and layered a whole lot off clothing when I wasn't making pictures.
 Picknicking! I was proud that I only took healthy food with me - carrots, cucumber and whole weat bread - but then we had betul with her cookies and jelly beans and I just couldn't resist them

And here we have to not so charming huh-what-do-you-mean-face picture. But prepare yourself for the next one because you'll be laughing your ass of, or atleast, I did hahaha lmao.

And here it is, my I-am-scared-to-fall-out-of-this-tree-and-break-my-bones-face. But atleast it's funny to look at. hah.

write you soon! x


  1. Wat leuk dat jullie dit hebben gedaan, hele leuke resultaten. Die bloemetjes om je hoofd zijn zo leuk hihi

  2. Hele leuke foto's Deem! Ben erg benieuwd naar de uiteindelijke foto's! :)

  3. Super leuk en hele mooie foto's! Ben benieuwd naar het eind resultaat.


  4. ziet er heel leuk en gezellig uit!

  5. Wat een leuke foto's! Zot van je bloemenkransje. X Eline


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