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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hii! So last week, or maybe already 2 weeks ago ? I went to the Hema to get a notebook where I could write in all my blog post ideas, outfits and basically everything related to the blog since it got kind of annoying to always put it in my Iphone. So I walked into the store with the thought that I'd just quickly grab a simple notebook, not knowing they had a huge assortment of them. After walking around for at least half an hour I decided to take these 2 cute ones and the stamps. - not that I ever use a stamp but this one was so cute I just couldn't resist it. But yes I got 2, even though I was only planning on getting one. So after some thinking I decided to use one of them as a travel diary, the idea seemed cute and easy. Since I'm going to berlin in 3 weeks I could write all the stores + adresses in there so I know where to go and don't forget something, and at the end of the day I could write my experiences in there. I use the right one for my blog, since It's just simple but looks cute and the right one ( the blue one ) as a travel diary. And since it has that kind of plastic shield on it I can put pictures and tickets or so in there, which seemed very handy.

So if you're looking for new desk supplies or notebooks I'd reccomend you to go to the Hema since they have lots of it for a really good price!

write you soon,

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  1. Leuke spulletjes! De notitieboekjes van de Hema zijn altijd zo fijn:) x


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