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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Hiii. So I've been wanting a cruiser/skateboard for over a year now and I finally got one! I'd always been doubting whether to get a real one since they are expensive and I was scared that I wouldn't use it anymore after 2 months or so, but now my brother got me this one because he knew I've been wanting it for such a long time. He just found this at some random store and it isn't a professional one or so and he said it was very cheap but I don't care because I'm so happy with it. And I wouldn't be suprised if he got it at the intertoys or so but it's alright. It probably also won't be the best one quality wise and the weels aren't really good for going really fast but it's great for practising! And if I decide after two months or so that I do really like it then I'll probably buy a new one - first need to save my money haha- But then I think I want to have something like this
And the weather has been so lovely last Saturday and Sunday that I was able to go outside in only my shorts, a tank top and a flannel. I like!

with love,


  1. Wauw wat gaaf Demi! Mooi skateboard en het ziet er heel gaaf uit!

  2. Ik heb trauma's van dat ding van jou Deeeem. Not coool.

    1. Tja, jij probeert ook iets te doen waar een cruiser niet voor is gemaakt hahahah.


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