I deserve to love myself.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

after doubting a lot to post this or not I decided to do so, because I often find myself thinking that I put more meaning in my posts since I often find them very meaningless but I just find it so hard to 1) really put into words what i feel or think. 2) people I know read my blog and I think it's kinda uncomfortable and 3) once you put something online it will stay on the web forever. But now I'm turning a outfit post into a serious meaningfull post only because I am wearing a crop top.
Yes a crop top, for a lot of you there might be nothing wrong with it - and there isn't. But I always felt too insecure to wear it, because I never loved my body. Obviously there where days I felt good about it but I always was looking at other girls and being like oh but her legs a nicer or her stomach is more toned.
But guess what, screw that. Be you and Be happy. You are one flawless piece of human being and you deserve to love yourself. You deserve to love every inch of yourself. Ofcourse we all have flaws but please, learn to embrace them. So many girls and boys waste their time and life by hating themselves because they don't look a certain way or are a certain way, not realizing that they're who they are and everyone is special and beautiful in their own way. The boy you may look at who's skinny might be wishing he was a little bit bigger. The girl you may look at who has curves like beyonce might wish she was skinnier.
Everyone is different and we're all built to look a certain way, but that doesn't mean we can all look like one person.

Obviously it does take time to learn to love yourself, you won't wake up one day and be completely happy with everything. But if you put effort in it, it will happen. it doesn't make sense to hate ourselves, it won't change anything. But loving yourself will, it will make you so, so ,so much more happier. And there isn't a guide on how to be happy and how to love yourself, If there was one everyone would love themselves. But there just isn't. But I do have a few tips, they helped me and I hope they can help you as well.

  1. Instead of pointing out your flaws, point out the things you love about yourself. For example: you may not like your stomach but you have incredibly beautiful eyes.
  2. when looking into the mirror, say at least 1 good thing about yourself. whether it's about that the jeans you're wearing make your butt look fabulous or that the colour of your shirt makes your eyes pop.
  3. write a list with all the things you love about yourself and read it when you're having a bad day.
  4. if you ever feel bad, talk about it, to your friends, parents, family members. It really takes the weight of your shoulders.
  5. eat healthy and work out. You don't have to work out like crazy and do it 2 hours a day, but just find a sport you love and do it at least 3 times a week. For me it's kickboxing, running and doing workouts on my room but it could be anything! And I promise you it will make you feel better.
These are the things that helped me. Ofcourse I still have some down days but It won't ever be as bad as it was a couple years ago. Over the past years I've learned a lot about myself and life and I realised that being happy does make everything better. The thing that was always holding me down from loving myself was my body, I just never liked the way I looked but at one point I realised I had to embrace that. I won't ever change because this is who I am. Ofcourse I work out and eat healthy - because it makes me happier and it makes me feel good about myself. And yes, also to get fit. But there's a difference between getting fit and working out like crazy to get skinny. Because if you don't love yourself now, you also won't love yourself when you're skinny. 

And it's okay to feel down every now and then, but it's more important to have more good days. So focus on the good things and let the bad things behind. I know it's hard but holding on to the bad things won't change anything. Because what will happen if you feel bad? Nothing. You only waste your time on worrying about things that won't matter a year from now. And what will happen when you feel good? It'll shine out of your face and you'll always look lovely. And people will think you are a nice person to be around. And good things are out of your comfort zone. So do what you want and be you. Because that's the best you can be.

I really hope this inspired you to be happy and love yourself because you deserve it. You deserve all the good things in life.
If you have any questions or want to talk, don't hesitate to email me at demi.blogspot@hotmail.nl and I'd be glad to talk to you and help you if it's neccesairy.

with much love,

crop top - brandy melville | shorts - diy.


  1. Wauw, wat een prachtige foto's! En je hoeft je nergens zorgen over te maken hoor, je hebt een prachtig lichaam. Ik ken je gevoel heel goed, ik heb het ook. We kunnen nou eenmaal niet size xxxs hebben en lang zijn. Maar mooi is daar niet aan verbonden. Super mooi geschreven Deem :) xx

    1. Echt super bedankt! Hihi, dit fleurde mij echt op en nu weet ik wel dat ik er goed aan heb gedaan om het toch te posten :). En je hebt helemaal gelijk, mooi zijn is niet verbonden aan maatje xxs! xxx

  2. Wauw wat leuk, je top is heel mooi. Je bent zeker niet de enige die er zo over denkt hoor, maar je hoeft je nergens zorgen over te maken!


  3. You are beautiful ! great photos :)

  4. Beauty!!!
    Heel mooi geschreven en ik heb een jaar geleden precies hetzelfde gedaan als jouw tips!
    Ik keek altijd naar de negatieve dingen, maar daar wordt je leven echt niet leuker van.
    Sinds ik mezelf heb geaccepteerd zoals ik ben (ook al ben ik klein) en ben ik gaan kijken naar de positieve dingen. Als je naar de positieve dingen kijkt, ga je een stuk positiever in het leven staan!

    Enne, you look cute!


  5. Aah ik vind de top je echt prachtig staan, super leuk met het broekje ook. Ik zou het zelf niet doen het is wat je zegt, ik ben er zelf te onzeker voor. Maar heb zeker heel veel respect dat je het wel doet. Heel kicken!


  6. You look gorgeous in these photos!! Keep loving yourself because it really shows :)



  7. Hele mooie post. Het is verfrissend om zoiets te lezen bij een outfitpost. You shine :)


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