Simple but effective.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Hiii ! Recently I went shopping with my mum for some new underwear, which is actually totally irrelevant because well.. it's underwear. ( and yes I still like to go shopping with my mum every now and then ) But I also bought this new jacket and scarf. I've been wanting this jacket for a long time because I saw the original one from Acne on tumblr and it was definitely love at the first sight. But since Acne is just too expensive for a poor highschool student like me so I gave up on it. Untill I came across this look-a-like on the H&M site, so my dream came back alive. And now I finally have it and I'm so happy with it. It's really comfy and warm and I think it looks great as well! Plus, since the autumn/winter I've been really liking the tartan prints so I really wanted to have a scarf of it, and I saw this one at the 'SIX' and I think it suits really well with my new jacket and it's soooo soft.
I paired the jacket with my ripped black jeans from the lady sting, my combat boots, an old knit from the zara, and some nice rings. So it's actually just very simple but effective. ( see what I did there ?? sorry I just couldn't resist it )
Have a great day!

lots of love,


  1. Leuk! Mooi gecombineerd met de sjaal.

  2. Staat je heel mooi! Vooral leuk met je sjaal :)


  3. Wauw, leuke foto's! Ik vind je sjaal echt heel mooi! <3

  4. Mooi! De jas vind ik heel mooi <3



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