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Monday, 3 February 2014

hey you! yesterday I went to take these pictures with my brother and the weather was just sooo nice, it really looked and felt like spring and it made me feel so happy! Plus, we already shooted enough outfit pictures so I can plan posts for this whole week :) And I am so in love with the coat I am wearing, I think it's sooo beautiful and so comfy!  too bad it's from my mom so I'm not always allowed to wear it ( also, mostly because she's also in love with it so she wears it most of the time) And I paired it with just a simple tank, my beloved black booties from the h&m, statement necklace from comegetfashion to make it a bit more interesting, and denim jeans, yes denim jeans.. shocking, I know! It's just that I hardly wear denim jeans because 1. I just really like black 2. it's hard to find the perfect jeans. and 3. well I actually don't have a reason #3. And #2 isn't a completely good reason either because this is actually the only pair of jeans I love at the moment because the fitting is amazing and they are not too light nor too dark. So basically I just don't have an excuse why I hardly wear denim jeans, besides the fact that I love black. I also studied for economics yesterday because I have a test today, and I'm 10000% sure I'm gonna screw that up because I didn't get it :( And I'm actually not allowed to screw it up because I need to get my mark higher, urgh. Anyway, wish me luck. And I hope you have a great monday! Enjoy the rest of the photo's!
Demi .
p.s. I dyed my hair again, do you like it? I do!


  1. Je jas is zo leuk! <3
    Succes met je economietoets (en je boft maar met zo'n fotograaf-broer)!

  2. Wat een supermooie jas! En je haar is mooi zo! <3



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  3. I love the coat It is so beautiful on you !


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