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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hey! So you probably wonder what the title of this post has to do with the outfit, well... nothing basically. But since I always have a hard time thinking of titles for my post I thought that I might as well just use song lyrics or quotes. And this one comes from the song ' do I wanna know? ' by arctic monkeys.

But going back to the outfit, I really like this one because of the high knee socks were I'm actually obsessing a bit about lately, even though you can only wear it with skirts/shorts I think it looks so nice, and it keeps your legs warmer! Which is a big plus point! And I also love to wear skirts lately, I always used to dislike skirts untill I got across a picture of a skater skirt and bought this one. Wearing skirts just makes me feel.. more feminine I guess? And even though skirts are very feminine I paired it with a sweater from the forever 21 and my beloved leather jacket from pimkie to make the outfit a bit more grunge like. ( and my combat boots but they aren't in the pictures )
So I basically just really like this outfit and it's really warm for the winter :). Have a great day!


p.s. I always feel like when I post pictures that were made in the lenght and resize them in the html they get a bit blurry so that's why I put most of them in collages.


  1. Hele mooie outfit! Je jasje vind ik echt geweldig!! <3

    Ik organiseer een leuke surprise giveway, omdat mijn blog 2 jaar bestaat :). Zou leuk zijn als je meedoet!


  2. Cute outfit!
    Leren jasjes zijn echt altijd goed!



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