Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Last  Sunday I went to the BFF event and huishoudbeurs with Lisa since I won tickets for that at Sharon's blog.( thank you again!!)  And I can tell you, it was loads of fun! We had no idea what to expect so it was kind of overwhelming since it was really big and soooo crowded - atleast the huishoudbeurs was. We first went to the huishoudbeurs and they had loads and loads of stuff, from make-up to food to things for your house to clothes to massaging chairs etc. You name it, they had it! For a really good price I must say! But it was really crowded and all of those people had trolly's so it was extremely annoying and irritating to walk through that, so after a lot of walking and searching we went to the bff event. And it was a world's change when we got there! Everything was so relaxing and not crowded at all, and the best part: no trolly's, Hallelujah! Plus it was all based on our age group so it was really nice to walk around and they had lots and lots of really nice things. Plus I really liked the clothing here and I didn't like it that much on the huishoudbeurs, so that's a wrap! At first we just walked around here to see everything before we were going to decide what we're going to buy since we didn't have that much money with us we might as well spend it wisely. And even though I didn't have that much money with me I did buy quite a lot ( like a real techniques brush, eos lipbalm, more make-up a canvas tote and go so on) , but I'm not quite sure whether to make a blog post about that or not, but if you want to see it, comment below! There also where a few dutch celebrity's like Yes-r and Lange Frans and they were going to perform so it was loads of fun to see.
We also got our make-up done and shoot a picture for the cosmogirl ( a dutch magazine) and more suprisingly, we got interviewed 2 times!! At first a women interviewed us asking about if we liked it and why and what we'd all done and like an hour later we got interviewed by 2 boys asking if we fancied Yes-R and if we wanted to go on a speed date with him. Which was funny but also kind of awkward and embarassing. After just sitting around for a bit we  made our own facewash / facescrub at lush which was a really great experience! 
So to make a long story short, I had such a great day in Amsterdam at the event and I really want to thank Sharon for the tickets! And if you ever have the chance, it'd reccommend for you to go there too!

with love,


  1. Wauw mooie foto's! Leuk dat je er bent geweest, leek me een leuk event. Maar helaas woon ik niet dicht bij Amsterdam :(

  2. Omg those photos looks amazing ! It looks like you had an amazing time ! :)


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